2017 Tomatoes

I grew quite a few tomatoes this year and have some strong opinions. Aside from a few random Sungolds that ripened up in late June (the rest were in late July), my earliest tomato to harvest by far was the aptly named 4th of July. We DID harvest the very first 4th of July ON the 4th, but I should have given it a day or two more. This particular tomato shows a MARKED difference in a day or two of ripeness. It can be a little mealy the day before perfect ripeness, but a fully deep red 4th of July is delicious. #willgrowagain

Second, Supersweet 100 -- no question the sweetest tomato for me this year and very prolific and early ripening in mid-July. #willgrowagain

A newbie to my garden market is Little Bing. Growth-wise, this tomato is short and stout, with thick stems and deeply green leaves. This makes for a "chunky" plant instead of one that needs staking. The first tomatoes ripened in mid-late July and I still have Little Bings ripening in late September. The taste was solid, but not super sweet. I would grow again for a small space or as a pot tomato, but it will not get pride of place in the vegetable garden next year.

Little Bing Tomato
Little Bing
Little Bing Ripe
Little Bing Ripe

Another newbie is Gladiator. While the tomatoes grew well and grew large, I was not too impressed by the taste, so I will pass on Gladiator next year.

Burpee is also marketing a new concept called "Take2" where two tomatoes are sold together to be grown in one pot (2 pepper combinations are available as well.) This was my first try with a Take 2 in a large planter and they did very well together.

I love the concept of a cherry and large tomato that grow nicely together, but I did notice that the larger tomato took quite a bit of energy away from the cherries. I would definitely try various combinations of these Take 2's next year.

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