The Summer Stack 2017

Kilkare Out East Hamptons
I could live in that nook.

KilKare Out East Houses and Gardens of the Hamptons

This is the house KILKARE, a home commissioned by Camilla and Walter Edwards in 1877 to be built by a shipbuilder. It is clearly obvious once you are able to examine bits of the home's architecture that the builder loved the lines and materials of shipbuilding. Kilkare was eventually sold to Eleanora and Michael Kennedy who chose to keep as much of the original architecture as possible (bless them).  The location? The famed and mystical Hamptons.

Out East Hamptons

It is said the light of the Hamptons holds mystery within it. The air is pregnant with moisture and has an undefinable "tang" according to this "New York Times" article. It sounds like my kind of place. All the rich people thought so too. 

Amongst the fabled light and the crashing seas are some of the most beautiful homes in the nation, and the best have been captured brilliantly int he first book of my Summer Stack:

Out East Houses and Gardens of the Hamptons
by Jennifer Ash Rudick, Photographs by Tria Giovan

Kilkare was my favorite (all of them are pretty amazing, but favorites always abound...), but a close second was the chapter/home titled

Located on a 60 acre farm/apple orchard, John and Evelyn Halsey have mastered the art of "simple country". 


by Bill Wilson and Katie Fallon, Illustrated by Leigh Anne Carter

Look, See the Bird is a sweet little book for children that highlights birds of different regions, from wild tropical birds to Alabama and West Virginia and even New York City. The information is perfectly dispensed for children, but I like that there actually IS information. Sometimes children's nature books can be a bit simplistic, but I like that Look, See the Bird goes into more detail with each bird and location towards the back of the book. If you have a budding naturalist in your family (WE DO!), this is a great summer reading book for you.

The illustrations (by Leigh Anne Carter) are BEAUTIFUL in Look, See the Bird


Bleaker House: Chasing my Novel to the end of the World about a writer who is given a fellowship to write a novel and when she "escapes" to find the peace to do so, things are not quite as she expected.  From the book jacket: Twenty-seven-year-old Nell Stevens was determined to write a novel, but life kept getting in the way. Then came a game-changing opportunity: she won a fellowship that would let her live, all expenses paid, anywhere in the world to research and write a book. Would she choose a glittering metropolis, a romantic village, an exotic paradise? Not exactly. Nell picked Bleaker Island, a snowy, windswept pile of rock in the Falklands. There, in a guesthouse where she would be the only guest, she could finally rid herself of distractions and write. Before the spring thaw, surely she’d have a novel.

Island on the Edge - THIS one is about a tiny island off the coast of Scotland (!!!) and the writer is one of three remaining residents on the island, one of which is her husband. Anyone who has her piano delivered by Marines via helicopter has my attention...

Island Wife: Living on the Edge of Wild - Are you sensing a theme?

A Croft in the Hills - Back to Scotland, but mainland this time... A couple and their young daughter, fresh from city life, immerse themselves in the practicalities of looking after sheep, cattle and hens, mending fences, baking bread and surviving the worst that Scottish winters can throw at them.

All ordered from Amazon (most can be bought used for cheap), all non-fiction and none of them opened yet. I really am sensing a worrisome trend about my reading choices though...

Last, but definitely NOT least...

by Amy Latta

Amy is such a good teacher.  She takes art concepts that can be difficult to understand and breaks them down for the average reader/artist to get a grip on. This book is long, thick and packed with information -- much more in depth than other handwriting books I have read. If you are at all interested in spicing up name tags for a wedding, your own journals, gift tags, etc -- then this is the book for you!

That is Amy there on the bottom left, Isn't she cute??

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