Boy Blogs

Recently, I have been reading three blogs almost exclusively. They oddly happen to all be written by men.  It seems in the past, the large majority of my favorite gardening blogs were written by women, but this past month, the boys have won. I found them all by researching Latin plant names via Google search, so take from that what you will. Men are more concerned with correct names? In any case, I thought you might find these blogs as interesting as I have, so here is a quick introduction to three great garden blogs.

The Frustrated Gardener

I haven't quite figured out why he is frustrated, but his images are gorgeous. 
Plenty of detailed plant information and inspiring gardens on this UK blog!

Real Men Sow

I found this one (another UK blog, by the way) searching for 'potager' and most likely "Scottish Potager" because that is what my dreams are made of.  (Quite literally, I dream of Scottish Potagers...) Real Men Sow has a focus on allotments, but also has great, detailed plant information.

The Obsessive Neurotic Gardener

In divergence from the previous UK boys, this guy is a Jersey guy. He has a filthy mouth, but great information on the (mainly) perennials that he has growing in his personal garden. I dedicate my first Amsonia Hubrichtii purchase solely to John. 


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