All lined up like soldiers...

In the spirit of spring cleaning, this year's mantra seems to be "get it on the wall!"  
There have been more nail holes punched into walls this week then there have been since we first moved in
and everything is falling into a place like a line of soldiers queuing up for battle.

This is the back stairway from the kitchen to the upstairs and it had this nasty little closet in the wall.

I should have taken a 'before', but imagine walls with various colors and some green moldy carpeting on the bottom. Various animals might have lived here at some point? In any case, some paint, some nails and an afternoon later and everything was clean, organized and up on the wall!

While I was working on this hallway, I also redid a little collection of black and whites. (top left photo below on instagram)

My favorite part are a couple led candles that turn on and off automatically and light up this dark little corner of the house at night. Makes it cozy!

Next on the list? Garden tools!

Fiskars sent some of the new pruning tools they are bringing to the market for me to try out.
They are beautiful and of course useful, so they are added to the "orange" wall:

She is beautiful too and hanging out with me in the garage so she got her picture taken:
Buff Orpington Chickens at Stonecrest Manor at A Nest for All Seasons
Buff Orpington Chickens at Stonecrest Manor at A Nest for All Seasons

 The place where I normally store tools in the basement is out of the way and tools tend to start accumulating in the garage as the gardening season wears on. So it only makes sense that I make some room for them there...but on the wall so that we can still actually park a car in the garage. Our oldest came up with the layout and installed all the nails (for some $$$ of course) and did a superb job, don't you think?

This is the "green" wall on the other side of the garage are all of the digging/raking tools (mostly all Ames tools). 

In the kitchen, hooks went up in the rafters for botanicals I scavenged for in the Scottish countryside while we were there
 (the BEST kind of souvenir in my opinion!) and more hooks went in to prepare for flower drying in the coming season.

Amy Renea at A Nest for All Seasons Stonecrest Kitchen with SCottish Botanicals

A few pictures that I have been meaning to hang went UP...

...and I breathe a sigh of calm until the next spring wave of organizing and cleaning fever sets in!

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