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Fall is forging ahead straight into the long days of deep winter and for me that means more music, books and movies!  I love the snow, but mostly from indoors.  Cuddling with blankets and good entertainment on hand is the BEST way to spend winter in my book.  Here are a few recommendations for you that might be just the thing to get you through a long, icy season.

Some books were sampled via review copies.  All opinions are my own.
Some links are affiliate links and I make a small percentage if you choose to purchase.

Lark Rise to Candleford

I know I am late to the party, but it was SUCH an enjoyable ride!  If you have NOT seen Lark Rise to Candelford, and you are a fan of Poldark, Downton Abbey, anything on PBS -- you MUST watch it  all in one go.  Just look at the photos and you will be sold :)

It is making you wish for snow now, isn't it??

Also -- for this of you that watched the series, but haven't read the BOOK -- HERE YOU GO.
For the curious, the best character imo BY FAR is Minnie, and she is in Poldark too!

Speaking of Poldark, there is also a BOOK Series, and a fantastic TV series.  You can watch both Lark Rise and Poldark via Amazon Prime (it was free when I watched both this summer…I presume it still is, but they might not be carrying Poldark Season 2 until later since it is currently airing.)

Ross broods a lot -- it is great.
Since I am caught up with Poldark and I finished Lark Rise (sadness), 
I am going to search out the "old" Poldark made back in the 70's and compare it to the current version.


Enough with TV, you need some good MUSIC to survive winter, yes?? Well, Roadies is going to do do it for you.  If you haven't watched Roadies on Showtime, you might check it out because the show is good. However, the MUSIC is GREAT.  You can sample the music on iTunes, buy individual tracks or whole albums (<<HERE.  There is something for everyone, but anything acoustic is really fantastic.


If a solar flare occurs, your digital TV and music will be worthless, but we will always have BOOKS.  Hooray for the enduring literary medium! First shoutout goes to a PLACE, not a book and it is the Midtown Scholar Bookstore in downtown Harrisburg, PA. I always forget about this place, but I went because I was early for my Good Day PA segment last month and it was MAGIC.

GOOD coffee (not Starbucks good -- GOOD good) in a REAL cup and the BOOKS. Friends, if you are in or near Harrisburg, Midtown deserves at least one visit if not regular patronage. They are a little piece of wonderful in a sometimes crappy world. More info HERE.

Now onto the books…

While shopping the labyrinth of Midtown, I stumbled upon Montrose - Life in a Garden.  For those of you always looking for a garden story, this book is for you.  It most definitely is for me, but it is for those fellow garden readers who are crazy for hellebores and crave the stories behind gardens.

My stack for this winter also includes a little foodie reading, a little chicken tending and a good chunk of house love.  I also tend to read ridiculous, slightly trashy Christmas novels in the winter, but you don't need any recommendations on those.  They are usually in the 50 cent bin at your local library bookstall :)  Onto the good stuff:

In Winter's Kitchen by Beth Dooley

This book is like Little House on the Prairie meets Fast Food Nation.  It is food-centric, but walks the reader through true life stories in the Northern Heartland.  I was immediately drawn to the book for the beautiful cover, but the words have resonated long after. If you are into food, sustainability or farm to fork living, this is a must read for you.

She Sheds with Affirm Press - This little book is a fun read, solely focused on little girly getaways in the backyard shed. My little shed in our previous house is featured in this book along with tons of others -- my favorite is the 'Caribbean Shed' and the simple 'Writer's Hut'.

Gardening With Chickens by Lisa Steele

My friend and colleague Lisa Steele is releasing yet another fantastic book on chickens! If you haven't heard of Lisa yet, it must be because you are not into backyard chicken raising.  She is the queen and princess of all things chicken and this book is another must have for the library of any gardener/chicken tender. (pun intended) Lisa combines the worlds of chicken husbandry and gardening into the sweet harmony God always intended. Think rosemary to freshen up the smell of nesting boxes, oregano to boost chick health and spring chickens tilling up your garden for free!

A House in the Country by Peter Pennoyer & Katie Ridder

Maybe it was the snow.

I haven't seen a good snow in what seems like forever (a year and a half?), and the idyllic photos of Pennoyer and Ridder's house in the country made me crave those long days of stillness and bright white. Throughout the book are images and descriptions of their home that could make the most content reader jealous. Take this:

Page after page, the story unwinds of the house that consumed the authors as they lived out their dream board by board, nail after nail. Once you are fully in love with what they have done with the home, you get to visit the gardens.  Full of amaranth and iris, this garden charmed and delighted through the page. I can only imagine how wonderful it is in person.  I always love a good love story with a house and this one is especially beautiful. You don't want to miss it.


A short PSA that NOW is the time to plant trees in most parts of the country. The weather is cool, the rains are abundant, but the ground has not frozen yet. Get dormant trees in the ground shortly to give them a good start next spring.  For very inexpensive saplings, my favorite source is the Arbor Day Foundation. With a $10 membership, you get 10 free trees and then most fruit trees are around $15 with your membership.

Also, keep looking out for bulb sales. They can go into the ground all the way until the ground is frozen solid,
so grab up all the daffodils you can when they are cheap!  Your spring self will thank you!

One last bit:

If you missed the latest P.Allen Smith emag, go check it out right now!  (It is free!)  
My article on amaranths is in there as well as beautiful and practical tips for your home and garden this fall.

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