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19 April 2016

Tea & Candle Pairings

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The featured candles below were provided by Glade for review by A Nest for All Seasons.

Candles, Rainbows and Tea.
Those are my afternoon luxuries.

The rainbow maker costs between $20-40, 
(but provides rainbows EVERY afternoon.)
Tea can be had by growing your own mint and stevia.  
Candles can be found cheaply in the aisles of WalMart.

Luxury isn't always expensive.

When I am preparing a cup of tea and lighting a candle in the afternoon, I like them to "match".
Yes, that is a bit nerdy, but stick with me.  Glade sent a couple of their new Spring candles to review 
and they matched up with some of my favorite teas.  Take "Be Energetic":

"Notes of juicy orange and green tea take your energy levels up, up and away. Hints of white peach,
 cedarwood and sandalwood follow closely behind, giving you your second, third and fourth winds." 

"Be Ravishing" pairs well with a pretty hibiscus or rose tea -- anything floral.

"Fall under the sweet spell of a completely alluring scent with notes of gala apple and lush florals." 

Tea and Candle Combinations

Refreshing Mint Iced Tea -- Crisp Green Grass Candle
Sweet Lipton Iced Tea -- Sugary Sweet Easter Candle
Deep, Spicy Oolong Tea -- Cinnamon Spice Candle
Spirited Christmas Tea -- Pine and Fir Candle
Orange Ceylon Tea -- Clear, Crisp Grapefruit Candle
Caramel Apple Tea with Cream -- Macintosh Apple Candle
Classic Earl Grey with a Sugar Cube -- Cigar or Woodsy Candle
Red Lavender Tea -- The Best Vanilla Candle (that you can afford)
Tropical Coconut Based Tea -- Pink Sands or Hawaiian Breeze Candle
Fresh and Energizing Berry Tea -- Radiant Berries Candle
The list goes on and on and on and on...but don't forget the rainbows.

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