Lovely Lavender

A little piece from the cutting room floor of my book, Crafting With Nature...
Crafting With Nature

Confession: I love lavender, but I do not like it “cooked”. The smell of fresh lavender is divine. The smell of dried lavender is still beautiful. Lavender oil is relaxing and subtle. Cooked lavender though? I do not like it. Whether in a hot soap preparation or as a rub for meats, the smell of lavender flowers once heated is not my favorite. Thus, I tend to use the oil instead of the flower buds when making most toiletries because the scent doesn’t cross over into a “cooked” scent. This particular perfume must be heated, due to the beeswax, so I choose to use a lavender essential oil instead of fresh lavender. Garnishing a gift of perfume with the real deal, though? That would be beautiful!

I had honestly never heard of solid perfume until one afternoon while shopping at Anthropologie, I stumbled upon a little tub of it. WOW! So much scent in such a little package! I loved the idea of a tiny little package of perfume, ready to use anywhere without lugging around a full heavy glass bottle. When I stumbled upon some vintage metal Easter eggs and personal portable ashtray, I knew exactly what they were destined for...

Crafting With Nature by Amy Renea

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Crafting With Nature by Amy Renea

Crafting With Nature by Amy Renea

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Leo K said…
Your blog is heartwarming!!!
It has great ideas using simple things!
I love all the small details you mention about.
I work with gardening and grass, and it is always great to have ideas I can exchange with friends and custumers.
Congratulations for this website/blog!!!