A Renter's Top 8 Cleaning Cheats

Here in Puerto Rico, we are renters.  Every time we leave a rental, there is a security deposit at risk and I hate losing portions of that deposit for stupid things that are easily fixed.  Top of the list?  Scuffs that could have easily been removed with a couple swipes of a magic eraser (YES, this post is sponsored by Mr. Clean's Magic Erasers and YES, I truly use them ALL the time!)  Here are my top 8 magic eraser cheats for cleaning little areas that you never really noticed were dirty until it is time to move out and get your deposit back!

Later in the post, you will also be hearing from Jillian Harris (yes THAT Jillian Harris of Bachelorette fame) with her magic eraser tips.

Cleaning a Rental Home with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Jillian Harris
Jillian shooting the video below!
#1 Let's start back at the VERY beginning when you move INTO a rental and you want it clean clean.  NOT just clean -- but CLEAN clean.  Nobody else's ANYTHING anywhere, you know what I mean?  Using a magic eraser on the sinks, faucets, toilet handles and inside empty drawers can make you rest a little easier that everything is CLEAN clean.

#2 Glass surfaces -  Forget windex!  Use a magic eraser with very little water to clean mirrors and shower glass for a perfect finish.

#3 Hair Dye Spots -- Have you ever dyed your hair?  It is VERY hard not to get a drop or two in the sink or on the floor.  Those dots are VERY hard to get out, but a magic eraser magically (yes magically!) makes them history fast.

#4 This thing:
Cleaning a Rental Home with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Isn't that gross?  It is the plastic agitator inside the washing machine and I am not sure why it gets so filthy, but it does. 
 A magic eraser before moving out makes it look like this:

Cleaning a Rental Home with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
I need to clean out that softener space too!  Yuck!

#5 While we are in the laundry room, check THIS out:

Cleaning a Rental Home with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Oil DIffuser
That is my essential oil diffuser and while it looks perfectly clean, that table it is resting on, the floor around and the diffuser itself is VERY sticky with essential oil build up from months of diffusing.  A magic eraser took care of the stickiness in 30 seconds flat.

#6 I asked Jillian "What are the most disgusting things homeowners leave unclean during an open house for potential buyers...things they normally wouldn't think about? " and her fast answer was  "A disgusting refrigerator is the WORST."  I totally agree.  Cleaning a fridge when you are getting ready to move out is a CHORE even if you try to keep it tidy day in and day out.  There is ALWAYS something sticky that has made its way down beneath the fruit and veggie drawers, you know?  I know that I am getting a bit redundant here, but magic eraser that sticky stuff.  GONE. Deposit saved!

#7 My personal ICK is the floor of the shower.  I always hate the thought of other people's bare feet in the shower and of course, they think the same of mine, so I Mr. Clean the heck out of the shower floor both on arrival and departure from a rental.

Cleaning a Shower with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
Nice and Clean!
The shower also collects red water stains -- magic eraser worked quickly!

Cleaning a Rental Home with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
Note the way the handle spiffed up nicely too!
#8 Here in Puerto Rico, it is particularly humid (ALL the time) and mold has a field day.  A towel hanging on a hook it is all it took for this mold to grow.  
Cleaning a Rental Home with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Mold on grout is no big deal to a magic eraser -- BOOM -- gone.
One note:  I did follow up on this spot with bleach to make sure the mold was dead and gone.

#9 Adding a number nine because I thought Jillian's answer to "best use of a magic eraser" was pretty genius.  She uses it on a flat iron to get rid of hairspray build-up.  Smart!  I bet it would work on any type of hair curler, rollers, etc!

#10 ....AND FINALLY....a bonus number ten because my FAVORITE use for a magic eraser is shining up pumpkins.  no really -- SEE THE MAGIC on my post HERE!

Cleaning a Rental Home with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Now onto the interview with Jillian!

Cleaning a Rental Home with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Jillian Harris

Q: What are you doing today with Mr. Clean?
A: Today I'm in New York sharing tips and tricks on how to clean the house in no time, which is so important because we are adding another human being to our lives soon! I've been using Mr. Clean for awhile now - we use it in our business and at the house, but mostly we use it because its a no brainer. You can get so much done is such a short amount of time without having to put a ton of elbow grease into it! I've been sharing my dirty little secrets today around the house - things i use Magic Eraser for, like cleaning up the entire oven, patio furniture, sneakers, and bathrooms.

Q: What are the most disgusting things homeowners leave unclean during an open house for potential buyers...things they normally wouldn't think about? *MY question*
A: A disgusting refrigerator is the WORST.  People are nosy and will investigate the fridge during the open house - don't forget to clear out any smelly food from the fridge.

Q: You have 10 minutes before company is coming over, what do you clean first?What's your priority?
A: I always focus on the kitchen because that's naturally where everyone hangs out. I shove a lot of stuff in the junk drawer and I use the Magic Eraser - it's so funny how much of a difference it makes just getting rid of those little scuffs and those little nicks around the base boards. I also like to spot wash the walls and make sure the island and counter tops are totally cleaned off. I'll grab some fresh flowers from outside if its that time of year, light a candle and sometimes open up the windows just to allow a little bit of fresh air in. And if you have wine out, nobody notices how messy your house is!

Cleaning a Rental Home with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Jillian Harris

Q: What does everyday really look like at your house? We imagine a gorgeous, magazine ready at all times kind of home. Tell us your human?
A: My house stays relatively clean but only because I like to be on top of it. But, when I come home from a trip to New York or a trip to Vancouver, I'm a disaster zone. I dump my bags and my bathroom floor is always covered with clothes, shoes and dog toys - and now there's going to be baby toys too! So while the house is relatively clean, its usually a giant mess disaster. I have lots of baskets around my house so that if I do need to clean in a hurry, there's a basket for all the dog toys, there's a basket for all the shoes. I grab the basket and put it in a corner and all of a sudden people think you are really clean! 

Q: Everything in your house is white and expensive - are you going to roll up your rugs or just take a chance when the baby comes?
A: When we got Nacho our dog, who is a 75 pound boxer, everybody said all your white will be ruined. It has been a little bit harder with the dog - we have a big white linen couch and we have to take the covers off every 2-3 months and wash them which we didn't have to do before. And we wash our sheets once a week and we have to bleach them, but for the most part it hasn't been that bad. We're just going to see how it is with the baby and when we have to replace something we'll replace it with a beige or a light gray. I don't plan on getting any more white nice things in the near future - I'm just going to stick with what we have and ride it out until its ready for the garbage!

Q: Do you have any tips for keeping things neat during a renovation?
A: Renovations are hell to go through - that's why I recommend most people to go on our show because they don't have to live through the renovation. We're in and out in 6 weeks. However, doing a nice big purge and clean before a renovation can really help you live through it. Then, when the renovation is done, most of that dirty work of purging is already done. Before a reno, go through each room and toss or recycle anything you know that's not going to make it back into that space so that you're not hoarding junk and having to deal with it later.

Q: What do you have planned for the future? 
A: Right now I do have a seasonal clothing line that comes out twice a year. It's a small capsule collection only sold online. I'm open to licensing and other opportunities, but one of the things that is more important to me than any financial success is family and my sanity. I've had the opportunity to work with a lot of really successful people in this industry and I find that people never have enough time to just sit around a campfire with their parents or have coffee with their cousin in the morning. I really enjoy that time with my family. I've been very lucky to have different levels of success in my life and for me, the money part doesn't bring me anymore happiness than before when I was in debt. It doesn't change anything for me so I'm going to keep on doing things that make me happy and that still allow me to live a balanced lifestyle. Right now looking to the future, I'm looking forward to being a mom and actually doing less. I also love blogging and want to keep that up!

To hear from Jillian herself, check out this super cute video
(You can click the picture below to go staright to youtube or watch below!!)


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