I just need to stay away from blue.

Last summer, my sister-in-law gifted me with a centerpiece leftover from a wedding she had attended.  The colors and textures were the most perfect piece of art I have ever held in my hands.  It wasn't just pretty pinks and pure whites.  Instead, there were frills of coral and a little bombastic naranja hiding beneath the surface. If I could have a garden composed solely of these colors, I would.

There were tulips and roses and ranunculus.  
Pretty little buds and fully open frills.

When I considered my own garden in reflection of this collection, I thought
I could plant drifts of tulips in shades of cream and blush...

Roses and ranunculus would be a bit harder, but with work it could be done...

I could fill up a vessel with the colors of my delight each day...
The perfect arrangement on our "picnicing" table under the perfect aubergine tree.

...if only I could reign myself in when the bags of garish yellow tulips look so cheerful in the nursery...

...and those mums...they always get me.

yellow.  purple.  orange.  GREEN.

...and I just CANNOT bring myself to rip out the magenta roses flourishing beside the front door even if they Don't. Match.

They just bloom so faithfully and so prettily.  How could I bear to part with them?

I try to reign myself in by sticking to a color palette...even if it is wide.
Corals and peaches and pinks, they're in.  White and cream and blush are always welcome.
Their darker counterparts of rose and aubergine can join the party...and lightest yellow will work too.
I just need to stay away from blue.  Keep the undertones yellow and everything will blend nicely.

...and then 

there is this:

I give in.  
I will never be able to create the perfect piece of art.
I just hope Kjerstin goes to more weddings.

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