Valentine Heart Lollipops

These homemade lollipop heart valentine treats are easy enough for a beginner and turn out beautifully. 
 They're perfect for classroom parties or a fun little surprise for teachers, friends, the postman - anyone!
*I previously published this post on and for Consumer Crafts at the Crafts Unleashed blog.


Start by melting half a package of "melts" in a fondue pot.  A fondue pot is a better idea than a pan because the temperature stays consistent and low.  You could melt the wafers in a glass bowl in the microwave or on the stove in a pan, but be very careful not to burn or explode the candy!!

Chocolate Valentine Heart Lollipops by Amy Renea

Once melted into a stir-able liquid, gently pour the chocolate into a mold.  I used the heart mold for Valentine's day, 
but ConsumerCrafts has plenty of other choices here.  These molds with these candy wafers DO NOT need greasing.  They will pop right out easily!

Heart Shaped Chocolate Mold for Valentine Lollipops by Amy Renea

The chocolate will make a small mound in the center of the heart.  Give it a tiny, gentle shake and the chocolate will even out.  It is better to have too little chocolate in the mold and add more than to have too much and it spill out onto the flat part of the mold.  Ask me how I know that.  Place a lollipop stick (or cookie sticks used here which are larger) into the mold and twist in the chocolate to make a good seal.

Heart Shaped Chocolate Mold for Valentine Lollipops by Amy Renea

Allow the chocolate to fully harden, then gently pull up on the stick near the chocolate to unmold the candy.  
Use a little melted chocolate to secure eyes if you wish!  Aren't those eyes just adorable?


To package your valentine treats, consider these cellophane bags with baker's twine or colorful twist ties!


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