The Week Before Christmas

It is almost the week before Christmas! ...and I have a few fun ideas for you to celebrate the run up to Christmas. The first is a fantastic little website that has a "Science Advent". Note: Advent starts on the first day of December and each day counts down until Christmas, but YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO IT THAT WAY!  The idea of Advent is to prepare your heart for the coming Christmas and get excited about the season.  You CAN DO THAT THIS WEEK even if you haven't jumped in with a formal advent.

We have used several of these science and STEM advent ideas for our "activity advent" we do every year and the kids have loved them.  The super simple CHRISTMAS MYSTERY box, where I put a bunch of Christmas things in a box full of packing peanuts and they had to guess what the items were by touch alone, was a favorite and took maybe 3 minutes to set up.

Visit HERE for the site where I found Christmas Mystery.

HERE is another website with fun STEM Christmas activities.

We are also super into Christmas books the closer we get to Christmas and there are two new ones I want to share with you this year:

Reindeer Dust and The Visit

Both are new this year and both are part of my countdown to Christmas.  Reindeer Dust is a story we read a week ago or so, but we will be "making" the reindeer dust the night before Christmas. (You realize that is does NOT have to be super complicated...a packet of instant oatmeal and whatever glitter you have in the house will really do the trick.  The kids think it is ***magic***!)

Speaking of the night before Christmas, The Visit is a BEAUTIFUL take on the "real" story behind ANBC.  It is one of those books that children enjoy listening to, but the illustrations make it a pleasure for adults to read.

Also on our Christmas book list every year is Christopher PopinKins (the nicer, original version of Elf on a Shelf) and the girl version: Marie. We also read THIS beautiful version of The 12 Days of Christmas and Jotham's Journey (though this year we cannot find it...where did it GO?!?!) There are actually a whole bunch of "Journey" books for advent -- Ishtar, Tabitha, Bartholomew, Amon...

Whether you use Christmas books as part of Advent or as a Christmas gift, they are a treasure.  My Aunt Fran started us on classic Christmas story books and our small collection is truly treasured and a joy to get our each Christmas. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and have a fun-filled week before Christmas!

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