Gifts for the Comfort Hounds and the Garden Dwellers

I sometimes find the difficult gifts to give are the smaller gifts for adults -- where you want to buy something nice, but not over-the-top.  I've rounded up a few of MY favorites for the comfort hounds and the garden dwellers.

For the comfort hounds...

Are you a shoes on or off in the house type of person? It seems this varies from home to home, state to state and country to country. I am a shoes OFF person and my kids have learned to be as well.  They track in so much filth that I cannot imagine a house where their shoes stayed ON! Even so, there are always little bits of sand, dirt or dust that seem to appear no matter how often I sweep, vacuum and mop. Those little bits sticking to the bottom of my feet drives me batty.  Thus, I am almost always in socks or slippers when I am inside. Lately, it has been THESE socks almost exclusively:

Christmas Gifts for Adults Miscoots Socks

These pretty socks are from Miscoots and they come in men's, women's and children's sizes.   I wear all three :)  The larger children's socks are great for athletic socks and I wear both the men's and women's around the house. They are thick, but not too thick and maintain a nice softness even after washing. The coolest part of Miscoots is that for every pair purchased, they give a pair away to someone in need.

Miscoots Socks for Adult Stocking Stuffer Christmas

...and Miscoots doesn't only make socks -- they make tees and cute little beanies -- see?

I squint when I smile...I can't help it...

Same deal with the beanies -- for EVERY one sold, one is given to those in need.

If you are more of a slipper type of person, I cannot recommend THESE SLIPPERS (an LL Bean classic) enough!  I live in them all winter.  The men's are thicker and heavier duty (I like to wear them outside), but the girl versions are prettier.  Target also has a good version of this slipper (though the insides are not nearly as nice) and I saw a Pottery Barn knockoff slipper in the latest catalog as well that look plush and wonderful.

Comfort in Scents

Scent is such a comforting thing, isn't it?  I love a good candle and they make a great little gift. Tarah Jade has interesting scents like Black Fig or Volcano, while Yankee keeps things simple a homey with classics like Christmas Cookie and (my favorite!) Macintosh. This year though, I TOTALLY have my eye on THE Jaime Fraser candle...mmmmm.

Min Design also has really cool gift candles this year, with chalkboard jar candles (you can really write on them!), a super cute gumball candle and my favorite:

The Cuivre Copper Collection -- GORGEOUS right??

For the Gardeners...

West County Glove #1 -- These puppies are waterproof and THICK. They are soft inside, tighten around the wrists and are seriously fantastic gardening gloves.  I haven't worn any others since getting back to PA and planting as many bulbs as I can before the ground freezes.

Any gardener worth their salt puts a lot of wear and tear on gloves and a new pair is always appreciated.  I would recommending splurging on these AWESOME elbow-length options! ($27)  The best part??  Fingertip reinforcement (Iron Man style...) so rose thorns don't pierce your fingers and you don't get holes in the index fingers.

Hori-Hori (Yes, again) I mentioned this tool last year (I asked for and received a hori-hori), but I mention it again because every gardener could use a new hori-hori.  It will be much appreciated, much utilized and carefully hidden from the rest of the family which will try to steal it for non-gardening chores.

Mini-White Globe Lights - Gardeners use Christmas as an excuse to light up their favorite plants. Mini globe lights are the perfect complement to evergreens or faux greens. THESE Martha Stewart globe lights available at Home Depot are a quality favorite and you can connect up to 25 SETS from one outlet safely. (I did another fun little project with these lights on instagram!) That's all for now, but I have a detailed game gift guide coming up later this week and for now...

Curious? Here is my wishlist for Christmas this year!