Week 1 of 4-a-days

I won't be posting everyday this August, but I will be taking my 4 shots a day and sharing some with you periodically throughout the month.  I started a little early, so this is my week 1.  My hope is that perhaps I will help you think of a new aspect of your children you want to capture and remember -- perhaps I can give you new eyes to see your everydays these last few weeks of summer.

He always looks at me like this when he is waiting to see what chore I am asking him to do :)

Camera note:  I focused on the back of his head before saying his name.  Thus, the focus was already set and he wouldn't
have to wait on me.  Most likely, if the focus had not been set already, he would have looked right away.

I love that he is so skinny he curves like a "c" :)  Gotta be bad for his spine though...sit up straight boy!
Camera note:  See the light in the background?  I knew going in I would need to set my exposure compensation higher to combat that light
 and keep the photo from turning out too dark.  Also, I used the chair back to help me line up the shot before snapping!

Studying Brainquest with his sister's sock on his eye because the sunscreen kept getting in it.
Camera note: I would have missed his eyes if I had not sat down at his level before lining up the shot. 
I also love how this says so much more about him at this age than it would have i I would have made him look at the camera.

They just discovered the "7" app and exercise all day long.  Then they go ride bikes.  Then they exercise.  Then they go play tennis.  Then they exercise....

Camera note: Your main subject is in focus in the front of the shot, but you might wait to SNAP until someone in the background has a genuine smile, funny face or otherwise memorable movement. 

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Camera Note: Photos DO NOT have to be with your "fancy" phone. Phone cameras can be used too!  
Try centering your 4 shots around a single object or activity...say palmas climbing??
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