How to Find a Blog Post You Accidentally Deleted (!!!)

Don't wig out. It is ok. If you published the post and then deleted it, chances are you will be able to find it!  If you are still WRITING the post and you haven't left the screen, your first attempt should be a simple CTRL Z to recover the post.  If you published the post and then tried to mess around with formatting on your ipad and delete the whole is what to do!

A. Check your feed. You should be subscribed to your feed via email and if the post was sent out via email, you can at least recover all the text, copy and paste back into your blog.  You might have to reformat, but better than rewriting, eh?

B. Check the Google Cache for your blog.  #suchalifesaver  Basically, google "files" your blog posts and even if you delete it, you can dig it off the "Google bookshelf" and republish.  Here is how:

Simply type in    Mine is  

You will see a screen like this pop up.  See under "June" and October" where it has a geren web address that ends with 'archive'?  Click the arrow there and then click "cached".

When you click 'cached' it is like magic:

Your whole post -- pictures -- links -- everything.

Literally select the ENTIRE thing including pictures, press CTRL C (copy), then go into your blogging platform where the post was deleted, press CTRL V (paste) and EVERYTHING comes back.  #suchalifesaver

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