Autumn Turkey Hummus Croissants

You know, Thanksgiving is really not the only time for turkey. If you have mastered the art of roast chicken or making leftover dishes from a good old rotisserie chicken from the grocery store, you can probably handle a turkey. If you are home with your kids during the day or home over the weekend, the turkey can cook away all day in the oven and you have dinner one night and leftovers for weeks. Turkey shepherd's pie, turkey sandwiches, turkey broth and chunks as a base for fall soups or even ground up for a mild meatloaf. One of my favorites is this simple turkey hummus croissant with cranberries.
You can also start with turkey breasts, roasted in the oven and served for dinner.
  The leftover pieces are mixed in with or simply topped with your favorite hummus.
Sprinkle  dried cranberries as top for a tart little bite or try dried cherries for a twist!

Autumn Turkey Hummus Croissants

8 Fresh Croissants (Giant has great ones!)
2 cups shredded, leftover roasted turkey
1 cup hummus (my favorite recipe HERE)
pinch of kosher salt
1/4 cup dried cherries or cranberries
1. Roast turkey whole or turkey breasts.  Shred leftover meat.
2. Place a 1/4 c shredded meat on fresh croissant and top with 1/8 c hummus.
3. Sprinkle with salt and dried fruit to taste.
So be brave...check the grocery store for sales and grab up a cheap turkey when you see one!

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