Are you getting your 4adays in before school starts?

School starts early for us this year on MONDAY! I can barely believe summer is over and our 4aday on Monday will be 1st day of school pics.  Unreal. (To see the way I do first day pics, CLICK HERE.) For today, I wanted to share a few of our last bit of summer 4adays. (Don't have a clue what 4adays are?  CLICK HERE!) I hope you have a chance to get just a few more 4adays before the pencils are sharpened, the books are labeled and those kiddos walk through the door of their 1st day of school!
Consider a prop and a different angle to tell a story.
I want to remember the way those chubby hands tried to hold too many things at once!

Consider prepping your kids for pics before a trip.  I promised them a golf cart trip to the beach, and got my setting ready
 for the current light under the shaded cover. Then I grabbed these shots. This one captures those scraped up
elbows and the casual way he sits. ...and that squint :)

These two were on the back of the cart and were happy to be going somewhere. Getting a smile was quick and easy!
When you try to get good shots by just demanding smiles, it usually doesn't work. Simple, fun day trips are happiest at he beginning.
Get the shot then.

This girl wanted to drive. ...and she waned her glasses on.  ...and she wanted her headband.
...and from another day. I got her to keep repeating her favorite word "wow" several time and then captured it.
 Tips: GET THEM HAPPY. Get the pics in BEFORE you go somewhere and get dirty, tired and hungry.
GET THEM playing with their everyday toys in their everyday clothes. You want to remember the EVERYdays AND the special days.
GET THEM to repeat words and funny faces as a game, then snap a quick pic while they are playing.

KEEP SHOOTING! You have a shot a day per kid. Don't give up!

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