4-a-days ::: Can you do it?

Welcome to 4-a-days!

Not unlike football camp, you've got four practices. The only catch -- you only have one shot. You have one shot to get it right. One shot to tell the story. One shot to capture the essence of your child (or your pet, or your everyday life) TODAY and for the next 30 days. You will have to take time to fine tune your photography skills - THINK before you click and WAIT for the exact moment that is begging to be captured. Ready to start?

No smiles?  That is OK!  Don't you want to remember how cute her hair was when it was that length?

How does it work?

Some shots might be a little blurry -- that is OK!

I have four kids, so I get four photos a day for a month. No skipping days, no resnapping the shutter. You ONLY GET ONE SHOT 
(do not miss your chance to blow-this opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo). ONE SHOT per kiddo. So if you have 2 kids -- 2-a-days. 

 10 kids? God bless you. Seriously.

Remember those round, round eyes?  ...and THAT HAIR!  ...and that drool :)
Remember the way his cheek always fell on his arm like that?

Remember the way he used to open his mouth REALLY WIDE every time he took a bite?
To really do this project right, you will be spending LOTS of time with your kids. For those of you already spending mass amounts of time with your kids, the project will be slightly easier. For those of you that don't spend much time with your kids, this will be good for you. You must NOT take the first shot that comes to mind. Every shot must tell a story, because remember - YOU ONLY GET ONE SHOT. Think about the shot -- wait for it -- let that ONE SHOT tell a story of your kiddo today. One shot. One story. One month.

Remember what that she looked like with just two teeth?

What if my kids do not want their picture taken?

If you have older children, in particular, that express to you that they do not want their picture taken, don't do it.  They have their rights and being picture free is one of them.  Consider asking the child if you might take a picture of them without making them smile.  For example: "Mom would really like a picture of you playing with your LEGOS so I can remember what you looked like playing with them.  Could I take a photo of you just playing?"  If the answer is "yes", then get creative and get an amazing shot of your child playing.  If the answer is "No" -- respect that.

Remember when building was ALL they wanted to do?
Remember tball?  ...and how dirty those shoes always were?  ...and the obsession with fake tattoos?  ...and the way he made THAT FACE when he was concentrating?

Can you do it?

The short answer: YES!  Take this as a challenge to improve your camera skills, your patience and in the meantime, 
build up a small library of your favorite idiosyncrasies of your children during this time of their life.

Remember the way they hugged when they were little?  Remember every summer afternoon eating icepops?

Are you ready?



...but just ONE SHOT...