5, 15, 50 ::: 3 Fun Fountains and the quickest only takes FIVE minutes!

Remember this fountain-in-a-pot I made last month?  It took about 30 minutes to put together, due mainly to the plants.  Today I have THREE different fountains-in-a-pot to share with you and they take varying amount of times, from 50 minutes of assembly all the way down to FIVE!  Before we jump into HOW, let's talk about WHY ANOTHER FOUNTAIN for a minute.  I recently read this article on highly sensitive moms and how that particular mom uses windchimes to combat anxiety.  I use water. (though I plan to make some beachy windchimes soon as well!)

The basic premise is that some people are simply more highly sensitive to everything: sight, sound, smell, touch.  For example, smell -- I know when someone has eaten peanut butter literally from across the room and I can smell garden flowers and identify them from across the garden.  I can hear the whispers of my kids from the next room and I routinely stare out the windows on road trips and spot birds in the trees as we speed by at 70 MPH.  (My family jokingly refers to me as "Hawk Eye".)  That all sounds weird and mystical, but it is not.  I am simply tuned into EVERY stimulus around me all the time and that can sometimes get overwhelming, particularity in large social situations.  Considering that our family has 4 children, 3 of which are boys, our family basically IS a large social situation.  Home can often be loud, smelly and highly overwhelming to someone who hears, sees and smells everything.  ENTER WATER.

A constant, peaceful sound can help drown out baby shrieks and boys wrestling.  It can refocus attention from the doors slamming and reek of dirty socks so that I can actually DO something about the mess instead of just being overwhelmed by it.  Calming music, flickering candlelight, windchimes and yes, fountains, are classic ways to deal with high sensitivity.  Setting the phone to vibrate so it doesn't jolt with anxiety every time it rings helps too.  Let's talk about the water though, shall we?

This post is sponsored by smartpond.

You will only need a few basic things:

A POT (waterproof and preferably WITHOUT a drainage hole)

smartpond fountain 

WATER and electricity source

1. The Little One

Let's start with the fast one, shall we?  The most "laborious" part of this process is unpacking your fountain from the package.  So get your fountain pieces out of the box and make sure you have an electricity source close to where your fountain will be.  Grab a pot from your stash and if it has a drainage hole, use the stopper on the fountain cord to plug it up.  I have found that I much prefer to just use a pot without a hole and negate any risk of leaks.

Fill the pot 3/4 full with water and place the fountain base and filter (the square part) into the pot, fully submerged. 
 Attach the "stick" and your fountain topper. The container fountain kit comes with three types and the simple "bubbler" works best for the small pot.

Plug the fountain in and BOOM -- instant fountain.  

Note that I used  the small bubbling fountain head provided in the kit for this small pot as the water otherwise
will spray OUT of the pot and you will be manually refilling the pot constantly. See?

To utilize the other fountains streams, you will need a larger container...

2.  The Pretty One

You can turn ANY container into a fountain, including containers that are not water-proof themselves. You can waterproof using spray-on clear sealant on some planters.  For others, you simply need a liner.  A pond liner works great, but a sturdy trash bag can also do in a pinch.  Simply insert the liner into the container and secure to the edges.

Fill with water OR simply lace a smaller waterproof planter INTO the lined container.  

Plug the fountain in and:

3. The Big One

Sometimes you just need the sound of trickling water, but sometimes you want a show-stopping fountain of water that is both beautiful to hear AND see.  Enter the patio fountain.  This container is large enough to hold many gallons of water and utilize the various spray options without losing water or getting the surrounding area wet.

The smaller fountain I created used the smartpond Container Fountain Kit (or Bubbler as Lowe’s calls it.  You can buy here: HERE)  
The Patio Pond (pictured above and below) as well as a cool illuminated waterfall fountain have been discontinued, but you can find them HERE.

A few tips if you buy the full patio box set:

A. The warning about the aluminum sides is correct, they are SHARP on the cut edge.  I cut myself pretty well by not being careful.  Be careful.

B. The metal pieces have some slight variations, so before assembling them with the liner, lay them out in a square on the ground to get the corners lined up first.  Move the pieces around until the corners are perfectly touching.

C. I found the boxes easier to put together by assembling the box first, then assembling the metal pieces and liner upside down on the floor.

smartpond was kind enough to send several fountain kits to play with and I am excited to show you what I have planned!!
  Keep checking back for the full terrace makeover and a fun DIY!

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