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06 May 2015

Mommy Summer Camp :: Cloud Week

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Summer is quickly coming at us like a steam train which means Mommy camp is about to begin!  If you too have kids at home in summer, you might want to look at the MOMMY CAMP ARCHIVES for ideas.  The themes are simple, the crafts and activities are cheap and quick to put together and the idea is to give the smallest amount of structure to our days so we don't go insane and rip out each other's hair on rainy days or lounge around aimlessly outdoors on the nice ones.  Today, I am going to give you a few ideas for a new Mommy Camp Week -- Cloud Week!

Cloud Week Ideas:

  • Make Giant Clouds!  (We made these for our little girl's nursery and one for the boys' room! FULL TUTORIAL HERE!)
  • Make 3D clouds from this silhouette cut file (It costs 75 cents)
  • If you are using a silhouette machine, you might want to check out the rest of these cloud cutouts - there are lots!
  • Cloud painting with blue bubbles and butcher paper (this worked great for 3/4 year olds and 10 year olds.  Not so much the ages in between where they wanted independence, but were clumsy.)

  • Cloud Dough is FUN and FABULOUS!  The Nest for All Seasons Recipe HERE! 
  • Ivory Soap Clouds - Fun with the microwave!  Instructions HERE 
  • This Water Cycle Kit is expensive, but really cool for a large homeschooling group or camp
  • This Rainforest Cloud Science Kit is better (cheaper!) for a small group
  • Set up an art station outdoors and have kiddos identify and draw various kind of clouds (we used blue chalk on butcher paper)
  • Let the kids loose with paper, glue, scissors, string and cloud stencils or cutouts (I used the leftovers from our silhouette files).  They will get creative and come up with cool moving cloud art :)
For your library trip or purchasing on Amazon, you might try:
* We do NOT do ALL of these activities each week and you shouldn't feel like you need to either!  pick and choose your favs!  I always link to trusted websites, so most supply links are to ConsumerCrafts.com and Amazon.com.  If you purchase from Amazon, I make a small percentage back on each sale.

For more summer mommy camp ideas, click the button below!

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