Can You Spot the Sunshine?

They say they are for the foodies, but I contend that they are for anyone who likes a surprise. Let's start with this somewhat Frankenstein-looking pea plant. There are several fun bits to this plant, but let's go chronologically, shall we? When the shoots first show up, you can eat them raw or add to a host of dishes where you want a gentle pea flavor. Next come the actual pea pods, perfect for snacking the they are babies. Let them go a little longer and they turn into an actual shelling pea. Last, but not least, the plant produces those little bunches of dill-like flowers. Imagine of bouquet of them with light and flighty euphorbia. Pretty, yes?

Pea Masterpiece at Burpee

Next surprise from the Burpee booth is a new basil. Scott, the Burpee Home Gardens Program Director, contends that this is a great basil for cooking, for pests, but I LOVED it raw off the plant. It is sharp, and slightly bitter, but it cleanses your mouth on a hot summer day and leaves behind a tingling on your tongue, like icy-hot for your palette. While I can understand folks not liking those qualities, I am totally a fan. I am also the Mom that has taught the kids to eat lemon balm raw from the garden while they are playing, so Take my opinion on this one with a grain of salt. If nothing else, the taste is DEFINITELY a surprise.  No link to this one yet...but I will get it for you when I can!
Burpee Home Gardens Display, BallHort Spring Trials, Photo by Amy Renea of A Nest for All Seasons
Burpee Home Gardens, Spring Trials 2015
Speaking of surprises, might I introduce you to 'Lemon Surprise'? Like that baby you weren't quite planning on, this little yellow pansy randomly throws out little purple babies...SURPRISE! if I could only grow one pansy, this would be it. Something about the randomness and smiley, joyful fun of those purple surprises makes me smile widely indeed.

Lemon Surprise CoolWave Pansy, BallHort Spring Trials, Photo by Amy Renea of A Nest for All Seasons
Lemon Surprise
...and if you like surprises, you do not what to miss out on Serenity 'Spring Day'osteospermum, 
with pretty white and pink blooms and then SURPRISE! Bright yellow on the back of each petal. 

 Can you spot the sunshine??

Serenity 'Spring Day'osteospermum, BallHort Spring Trials, Photo by Amy Renea of A Nest for All Seasons
Serenity 'Spring Day'osteospermum

Come back SOON for the last of the new flowers and veggies!!  TONS of pictures!

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