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25 April 2015

The French and the Cyclamen

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Morel Cyclamen, Photo by Amy Renea of A Nest for All Seasons

I wish I had gotten a proper photograph of Florence. She was quintessentially French, without the pretension of trying too hard. She was lovely, willowy and smelled so delicious the girls in the group all wanted to know which perfume she was wearing. (Turns out it is a French perfume, no surprise there, right?)

Florence was the face of Morel at Spring Trials this year.  Morel is a breeding company that for four generations has focused on just ONE plant, the cyclamen. I see why they have done it. The cyclamen is tough, sexy plant. It looks delicate, but the stems can be woody and solid. In fact, this particular variety is being bred as a cut flower and honestly, those stems feel like a branch, not a flower stem. I will grow them in a heartbeat.

Morel Halios Curly Mix Series http://www.cyclamen.com Photo by Amy Renea of A Nest for All
Morel Halios Curly Mix Series

White Cyclamen, Smartiz Series, Morel, Photo by Amy Renea of A Nest for All Seasons

Diminutive and White, Morel Smartiz Series
The new cyclamens ranged from rich, bold and loud to diminutive and white,
but my favorites are these Metis "Victoria" cyclamens. They are perfection, much like Florence herself.

Metis "Victoria" cyclamens by Morel, Photo by Amy Renea of A Nest for All Seasons

If you are interested in more information, you can find Morel's newest Cyclamens at...where else?  Cyclamen.com!

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Torviewtoronto Monday, April 27, 2015  

lovely colours

Amy Renea Tuesday, April 28, 2015  

agreed...they are pretty aren't they? I could totally grow a whole garden bed of cyclamen :)

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