Paper Stars for Pennies

Recently, my 8 year old son came home from art class with the most impressive paper star. 
 I made him share the details with me and today, we are sharing how to make paper stars with YOU!


    8.5 x 11" Cardstock (or printer paper in a pinch).
    Scissors (sharp, large scissors for precise cuts).
    Tape or Stapler/Staples or Brad Connectors.
    Yarn, String or Copper Wire to Hang.
      NOTE: This project can be done with cheap printer paper to practice on before using your nice crafting papers. 


      Start with a basic 8.5 by 11" piece of paper or cardstock.
       Fold the top corner down to make a clean edge and cut off the bottom few inches.


      Fold over again to make a triangle.  Cut strips from the folded side, leaving an inch or so UNCUT on the opposite side. 
       Thick cuts like this will create a basic lantern while smaller cuts will make a more intricate lantern (see photos at the end of post).

      How-to-make-paper-stars-Crafts-Unleashed-2 How-to-make-paper-stars-Crafts-Unleashed-3

      When you unfold your triangle, it should look like this:


      Start at the center with the smallest cuts and tape, staple or brad the two pieces together.


      Take the next two pieces and roll in the opposite direction (backwards). Continue until all strips are attached.  Single pieces can be hung individually as "lanterns", but the real magic is combining six of these pieces together to make a full star.  Simply staple 6 pieces together by the tips as the center of the star and on the sides of each piece to it's adjacent piece.

      A few variations of how to make paper stars:

      To create more intricate lanterns, use smaller cuts and a very steady hand (see photo above)!

      To create stars with a bit more staying power,
      use metal brads to secure pieces together and super thick cardstock (below).


      If you follow this how to make paper stars tutorial with children,
       consider crayon marks/lines before cutting to keep them on track and successful with their cutting.
      (See residual crayon marks on the lantern below.)

      Whether you use this how to make paper stars idea as a simple time filler for kids or go whole hog with them as party decorations or home decor, they really are a bit of magic as they "appear" out of simple pieces of paper!

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