One Hundred Things ::: The Failure Bowls

Sometimes something in your everyday reminds you of something good. Other times, it is failure.  Both can be good for your soul.

Once upon a time, I thought I could open a storefront.  My blog was growing,  I was crafting a lot and the natural progression was to rent a small booth at a local flea market to sell all this "STUFF" I was making.  Well, long story short, it flopped.  My underestimation of the value of Saturday mornings at ease in my life and the store owners overestimation of the amount of traffic that went by my small, hole-in-the-wall storefront made a bad combination.  I knew 3 months in that this was not going to work.  We lost money -- not a ton -- but enough to be painful.  I learned a few lessons though.

1.  Weekends are gold.  They should not be given up.  Cling tightly to them while the babies are little.
2.  Physical stores are a LOT more demanding than anything online.  I should have known this.  Now I do.
3.  When your day job is going great, keep trucking.  It doesn't need to be anything more or better.
4.  People want to DO crafts, not BUY crafts.  That is why little crafty stores are a dime a dozen and go in
and out of business like lighting, while Michaels is stalwart.  Embrace that and show them how.  Remember the blog?  Stick with that.

There are more lessons, mostly involving street smarts and people wading, but those above are the main ones.  
There is one great thing that came out of my short foray into store ownership.  These bowls.

They were on super clearance one day at Target, so I snatched them up for the store, thinking they would be great on a couple shelves for small things.  They were great for small things, but they continued holding those small things because no one wanted to BUY THEM!  Ah well.  It turns out these bowls are fabulous at holding peas and carrots too.

They sit stacked in one of my everyday cabinets and there is at least one in the dishwasher, in the microwave or in the fridge holding leftovers at any given time.  They are the perfect size for a frozen bag of veggies and those sides are just high enough so that peas don't go rolling across the floor when they are spooned out.  

The best thing about these bowls?

(middle shelf -- far right)

Everytime I look at them I think of my failure.  I remember that no matter how good my blog is doing, how much I am earning for my writing and whose hand I have shook that I have failed.  I was a complete and utter failure and that is good to remember when I start to think of myself more highly than I ought.  For isn't that the base of the human condition?  To remember that we began as sewer rats in our hearts and only by the painful sanding down of all the failures can God make us into anything better.  These bowls remind me that I am only the sanded, not the sandee and that's a good lesson from our everyday peas and carrots.

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Amy, this post is exactly why I love those bowls, your insight and A Nest for All Seasons. The only way to never fail is to never try.
Amy Renea said…
Your words are so kind and sweet Susan -- I am so blessed to call you a friend :) :)