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20 January 2015

ICY 5 Minute Photoshoots

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This is one of my very favorite pictures of the boys -- taken 2 years (?) ago.

It was the product of one of our 5 Minute Photoshoots.  (YES, only 5 minutes!)
Here are my winter photoshoot tips and tricks!

1. HATS and COATS -- First of all - NOTE THE PAJAMAS.  Cute hats can do a world of good and photoshoots in the winter mean you can THROW A COAT ON IT.  You do not have to pick out the absolute perfect coordinating outfits or even get hair perfectly brushed and hair groomed.  If you have some cute hats at the ready, a photoshoot is only minutes away!  

2. SNOW LIGHT -- Notice how "clean" the light looks in these photos.  If anything, it years towards a little too blue or super white.  Do you want to wager a guess why?  You are right!  It is the snow!  Snow provides a lovely reflective surface and the gray skies that accompany it are the perfect sun diffuser.  In other words, snowy days are cold and uncomfortable for photoshoots, but they are perfect for getting beautiful photographs.

3. STARTING SILLY -- With older children, they can be a little silly and then (usually) reign it back in.  
Particularly during winter, a little silliness can equal a little WARMTH and that keeps smiles on everyone's faces.

Sometimes though...the silliness just plain morphs into grimaces.

Use the "silly time" and "grimace time" to get your settings perfect.


That is when you tell a joke.
...but not a potty joke.
Tell boys potty jokes and they get TOO silly.
Just tell a "itty bit" funny joke...

Then SNAP...





4. Finally, note that all the outtakes are in color, but the final shot is in black and white.  There are two major reasons.  The first is that ALL my big canvases in the houses are currently black and white so that they all work together, regardless of the season, etc.  Secondly, black and white blends all those colors of coats and gloves and hats that we just grabbed out of the drawer.  The cute lines of the hats still show, but the red, teal and green are no longer clashing.  YAY for black and white!

Remember -- 

Silly + Settings + Joke

Consider Black and White!

...and DONE.


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