LAST MINUTE Printable Christmas Gift Tags

Last contributor post of the season!! We are starting to wind down here at the Nest and focus on celebrating the birth of Jesus. A few more posts this week and then we are signing off until the New Year! We have a couple last minute ideas for you, starting with Aki's adorable little gift tags. She has made a FREE printable for you, so get that inkjet loaded and start printing!!  Take it away Aki >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


If you're anything like me, chances are you'd still be wrapping Christmas gifts to give to friends and family. I have a bad habit of leaving things to the last minute, and when Christmas comes, I'm up to my eyeballs with work and decorating and life in general. I also have a problem with choosing which gift wrap to use for my gifts - there are tons of cute gift wrappers out there (not to mention the pretty printable ones too). Most of the time, I find it difficult to match cute tags with them, so I made a couple of printable tags in different colors that you guys may want to use (if you're still wrapping gifts). 

LAST MINUTE Printable Christmas Gift Tags

I am loving a teal/red combo this year so that's what I used for the majority of the gifts I'm wrapping, but I also used the black ones as well (they're great for chalkboard-looking gift wrappers). Print them yourself or have them printed at Staples or Kinko's - I had mine printed at Staples and they looked great!

LAST MINUTE Printable Christmas Gift Tags

The printable comes in a pdf format, yours to use personally, as always. Don't forget to download them here
I thought it would be fun to make some embellish-able striped ones as well - you can find and download them on my blog!

LAST MINUTE Printable Christmas Gift Tags

Are you a procrastinator like me or are you done with all your Christmas-wrapping? 

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