LAST MINUTE -- FIVE MINUTE Peg Doll Stocking Stuffers

Need a last minute stocking stuffer or idea for Christmas crafting day??
Today I have a 5 minute craft that is perfect for kids AND adults that works perfectly (nd won't break the bank!!).  
Bet you can't stop at just 1 or 2 of these cute peg doll people.  You will have to make a handful!

DIY Peg People Stocking Stuffer DIY for Kids

Supplies needed to make your own peg doll people:


Start with your peg doll "people". (87 cents for two!)

DIY Peg People Stocking Stuffer DIY for Kids

...and then...I have the privilege today of introducing you to the "NEW" Washi Tape!

Floral Tape Alternative to Washi Tape

Ok, so officially, this is actually an OLD supply; floral tape.  I love it for all of its washi applications though.  First off, it is CHEAP!  Second, the roll is HUGE compared to the dinky washi tape rolls. Third, is has that lovely translucent, matte quality that washi tape has and finally, it BENDS.  Have you ever used washi tape on a round surface?  It buckles and wrinkles some.  Floral tape is flexible enough to go around in circles, securing flower stems into bundles.  It is slightly sticky and tacky, making the tape adhere almost more like paint than tape.  You simply wrap the tape around your round surface, using your fingers to "rub it in" so to speak for a seamless finished product.

Peg People with Floral Tape for Crafts Unleashed by Amy Renea Rolling Tape

After rolling the pegs in the color of your choice, you can add detailing with your secondary tape colors if you choose.

DIY Peg People Stocking Stuffer DIY for Kids

Then it is time to apply the faces.  Simply use markers, paint or watercolor pencils (my choice!) to draw on little faces.  After faces comes the hair and accessories.   This is where you can really get creative with your scrap fabrics.  I used this piece of rope for the hair, using the inner straight strands for short little pixie haircuts, the curly outside layers for fabulous curls and the frayed ends for long and wispy "fairy hair".

DIY Peg People Stocking Stuffer DIY for Kids

The various hair styles are simply attached with hot glue!

DIY Peg People Stocking Stuffer DIY for Kids

Here are two of my favorites: Jill and Jan.  Curly and straight sisters.

DIY Peg People Stocking Stuffer DIY for Kids

Note the little pieces of scrap wool from an old scarf for Jill's shawl and Jan's cap.
Here are the pink peg doll girls -- various hairdos on them as well!

DIY Peg People Stocking Stuffer DIY for Kids

I left a few of the dolls faceless and left out the pink for a calmer "woodland" look.

DIY Peg People Stocking Stuffer DIY for Kids

Give your peg doll people a home in a dollhouse and a special little girl in your family will have hours of fun in front of her!

DIY Peg People Stocking Stuffer DIY for Kids

**Note: If you decide to do this peg doll activity with children, make sure YOU do the rope cutting and hot gluing.  
The floral tape part is very easy for children though!!

DIY Peg People Stocking Stuffer DIY for Kids

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Julie said…
They remind me of Guatemalan trouble dolls.
Amy Renea said…
They do! My dad brought me some from Honduras when I was a kid and remember playing with them for hours!