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03 December 2014

Deck the Doors!

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THANKS to Treetopia for providing the Christmas greens and sponsoring this week's posts!
Enter to win a Treetopia TREE, wreath AND garland at the bottom of the post!

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NOW.  Onto the DOORS.

Welcome to our home.

Deck the Doors Treetopia Evergreen Winter Pine Wreath and Garland

It is the first time I have ever decorated a double door, nonetheless decked it out for Christmas. I felt a bit of pressure to do that giant black door justice!  First things first, the door got a new coat of black paint.  The paint that was originally on the door was peeling and a little bit "blue", so I added a coat of black that has a nice brown and green undertone to it to highlight the stones and woods surrounding the house.  The iron banisters outside got a coat of that same black to spruce them up as well.  Here are some bad before photos that give you an idea of how rough things were when we first laid hands on this house:

Good bones though, right?

The ivy and weeds in the front beds met death or a major cut back in the form of gardening shears.
The door got decked out with a burlap bow.  (Made with a Bowdabra by the way...those things are magic!)

Burlap Bow

The garlands and wreaths you see are from the Harvest Pine Collection by Treetopia
but I totally think this door could have rocked the Biltmore collection as well.  What do you think?  

Deck the Doors Treetopia Evergreen Winter Pine Wreath and Garland

I also added a fun quirky bit to the front door in the form of this:

Gargoyle Studios Mirror

It is a fun little vintage mirror made by Gargoyle Studios out of Brooklyn and I found in a thrift store for 99 cents.
It hangs right at eye level so people can take a peek to make sure no broccoli is in their teeth or anything :)

Back to that garland though...

Deck the Doors Treetopia Evergreen Winter Pine Wreath and Garland

Grand, isn't it?  Heavy too.
Here is how I hung it.  I started with a line of nails that will stay on the door permanently:

Then, I hung the ends and corners of the garland with these handy strong wire loops.

The wreaths were even more simple.  
Add some magnolia leaves to match the tree inside, hand on a nail and INSTANT FESTIVE CHEER!

Deck the Doors Treetopia Evergreen Winter Pine Wreath and Garland

Have you decked your doors yet?
Have you entered to win the wreath and garland AND CHRISTMAS TREE from Treetopia yet?
Why not? 

Deck the Doors Treetopia Evergreen Winter Pine Wreath and Garland

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Allison @ dreamalittlebigger.com Wednesday, December 03, 2014  

Oh, gosh. I love your huge tree and I'd love to get some crazy colored one. I LOVE treetopia :)

Amy Renea Wednesday, December 03, 2014  

I TOTALLY covet pretty colored ones :)

Vanessa Wednesday, December 03, 2014  

I love your home, but the front is decorated beautifully.

MorethanMommy Thursday, December 04, 2014  

We decorate with white lights and all of the special ornaments we've collected over the years. Each one has a memory attached to it and we enjoy reminiscing and sharing stories as we put them up.

Judith Thursday, December 04, 2014  

Handmade felt barn animals, straw stars and white lights.

Jenny Piirto Thursday, December 04, 2014  

What a showstopper! Can't wait to read all about the new place. The entry looks amazing and the garlands give such a Dickens feel to that colonial style door. (is it Colonial or Federal?) Whatever it is, "Awesome" is also a good description. I've looked all over Treetopia's site and I want it all. Their trees are amazing (I've always wanted a white one) and the garlands are fab too. The Biltmore is where it's at. Love them. I still do not have my tree up, feeling really behind!

Amy Renea Sunday, December 14, 2014  

Judith -- that sounds beautiful!! would love to see a photo!

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