When you don't have a real tree, FAKE IT.

The crisp fragrance of fresh-cut pine needles, eucalyptus and fir.
Hints of lavender and cedar for a scent as magical as a thousand twinkling lights.

The story of spruce is the story of anticipation.  You walk through the front door, see the tree and the 
scent makes you anticipate all the holiday joys to come. Don't have the real thing?  Don't worry.

When you can't buy the real thing, fake it.  Here is how:

1. FILL THEIR EYES with  REAL foliage in with the fake...magnolia leaves...pines.. spruce...fir

2. FILL THEIR NOSE with the scent of Christmas to come...

Today, we are going to focus on the scents and we will focus on the EYES in later posts (lots of them!) ...but back to the nose...

5 Ways to Fill the Room with the Scent of Christmas to Come

1. Light the candle, then BLOW it out.  Want to trick your friends a little bit?  Light a Glade Sparkling Spruce candle for 30-60 minutes before your guests arrive.  BLOW THE CANDLE OUT 2 minutes before they arrive.  The scent will fill the room, but the evidence is GONE. 

2. Use wax melts to make a "blend" with leftover candles.  This is a favorite trick of mine :)  Take your leftover candles...the ones where the wax is almost gone or the wick started to float and remove any debris.  Add Glade Sparkling Spruce Wax Melts to the top and let them meld together on a candle warmer like this one.  (They are worth their weight in gold for using up those last bits of wax!)

The wax melts will "refresh" your older candles, giving them a shot of Spruce to their tired Cinnamon.  


3. Of course, you can use the wax melts straight out of the package for full on spruce overload!

4. If you have a LARGE space or even an outdoor space you will be using for entertaining, the Glade Plugins are your answer.  They pack the most scent punch of the three, but can be overwhelming in a tiny room.  Note that you CAN adjust the strength, but still, I like to use these in a large courtyard or protected patio.  Simply unscrew the plastic top, stick the oil pouch into the warmer and plug into an outlet.

5. The most natural way to fill your house with spruce is to tuck a few real spruce branches into the  fake tree.  
They will never know you weren't hiking through the forest with an ax to get your Christmas tree :)

It's free (FREE!) and inspired by the anticipation of Christmas and Sparkling Spruce.  You read that right.  
Glade partnered with artists to compose songs inspired by the scents and feelings they evoke.
Cool, huh?  You are going to love the Juniper one coming up soon :)

Also...I know I am teasing you on the tree reveal, but I can't help it.  Last night, I sat on the stairs and just gazed at the tree.  It is that pretty.  
So forgive me -- first week of December is all the tree, lights and door posts!  Until then sneak peeks on Instagram like this:


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