The Trick to Getting Crispy Cornbread Crust!

This post is sponsored by Simply Homemade. The trick is all my own.

See that crust?
THAT crust is crispy.  SUPER crispy.

...and this bread is homemade, but only took 5 minutes to whip up.
The first secret is a (NEW!) box mix from Simply Homemade that takes all the measuring steps of dry ingredients out of the equation.
Made with more corn than the leading brand, its balanced flavor has just the right amount of sweetness 
while the texture is the perfect combination of fluffy and “grit.”

You know the drill...

Melted Butter

(You know those hashmark measurements on the side allow you to get 1/3 cup WITHOUT the cup, right?)

Eggs, Milk and mix mix mix.

Add in the entire box of Fleishhmann's...

NOW.  Now it is time for the trick.

First off, listen to the box and preheat your oven to 375.
THEN, put your cast iron pan into that hot oven and let it get piping!

LARD.  Just a bit.
(It is terrible for you...but great for crispy cornbread!  So just use a little!)

Put that pan in the oven until the lard melts to coat the bottom of the pan -- see?

Swirl around the bottom of the pan and pour the cornbread mix into the middle.

It is ok is the mix doesn't reach the edges or if there are a couple of lumps.  
They will melt out to the edges when the cornbread starts to heat up.
DO NOT stir the mix once it is in the cast iron skillet.  Let it sit on TOP of that hot lard. 

See the edges getting brown and crispy?

Take the skillet out of the oven when a toothpick comes out clean from the bread.
The box calls for 25 minutes for a square pan, but in a hot cast-iron pan the bread is done in about 15.

 Eat it up folks!!

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