Shea Butter Lotion Oil ::: Handmade Christmas Gift Idea in a Jar

Gifts in Jars are fun to make, fun to gift and fun to receive.  I typically make a Mason Jar Gift (or Ball jars - pick your fancy) to serve as quick 
and easy hostess gifts.  This one works well as a hostess gift in the small jars, but makes a fine present in the large jar.  Let's dive right in, shall we?

Craft Your Own Shea Butter Pumpkin Lotion Title Page want to make THIS?

Craft Your Own Shea Butter Pumpkin Lotion  Finished

You are going to need THIS.

Craft Your Own Shea Butter Pumpkin Lotion  Supplies

This lotion is similar to my summer Coconut Oil 'Day at the Beach' Jars, but a little more substantial, yellow in color and smells like fall itself.  The base oils are coconut oil and shea butter (pictured) found at bulk food stores, specialty groceries or online.  I buy mine at Amazon or Costco.  The rest of the supplies can be ordered quickly online at Consumer Crafts.


The process:

The process is slightly more involved than my previous coconut oil lotion tutorial, but similar.  You start with the solid coconut oil (about 2 cups) and shea butter (8 oz) and melt it down very slowly.  DO NOT BOIL.  I use my microwave and go 10-30 seconds at a time until the solids turn mostly liquid.  The mixture looks gross at first until the two oils completely mix and air is whipped into the concoction.

Here is how it is done:

Craft Your Own Shea Butter Pumpkin Lotion  Step 1

See those chunks of shea butter?  They are very soft from being melted, but not completely liquid.  
That is fine.  Better slightly solid than to go too far and boil the oil.  Let your mixer go on level 1 or 2 until:

Craft Your Own Shea Butter Pumpkin Lotion Step 2

The mixture starts to take on a uniform yellow color with small bits of shea still visible.

Craft Your Own Shea Butter Pumpkin Lotion by Amy Renea at A nest for All Seasons

When the mixture just slightly holds to a spoon, you can bump up the mixer speed to 3-4.  
Keep increasing the whipping speed as more air incorporates into the mixture and it becomes less sloppy and liquid.

Craft Your Own Shea Butter Pumpkin Lotion Step 4

It will take 10 minutes or more to get this whipped icing type consistency.  If you want the mix thicker, you can add some more liquid coconut oil at this point along with your 20-25 drops of fragrance oil.  Whip to incorporate.  Dispense the mixture into your jars and allow it to "harden up" a bit over the next couple of days.  NOTE:  Lotion WILL harden up because you are not using chemical stabilizers or preservatives.  This is GOOD for your skin, but it means the lotion will not last years.  (Mine has lasted 6 months with no problems)  If the lotion is kept in a VERY WARM spot, it might start to separate or liquefy.  Store at 70 degrees or cooler.

 Your coconut oil might also come in the mail as a liquid.  Simply stir and place in the fridge to harden back up again.  One final note: Keep the jar CLOSED when not in use.  The top layer will get hard and crusty if the lid is left off for days at a time.  If you have more questions, please ask in the comment section or on facebook and I am more than happy to answer them!

Craft Your Own Shea Butter Pumpkin Lotion by Amy Renea at A nest for All Seasons

This loose recipe will make one large canning jar and three smaller jars.  You could make a ton of the smaller jars as gifts!  
Note that the color is slightly "lemony" in the clear jars, so I like using the amber jars to give the mix a bit more "fall" feeling without adding coloring.

Craft Your Own Shea Butter Pumpkin Lotion Craft Your Own Shea Butter Pumpkin Lotion by Amy Renea at A nest for All Seasons 

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