Plant + Bloom

There are always two basic stages of gardening. Planting and blooming.  Reaping and sowing if you will.  Skip planting and you will have no blooms.  Skip the blooming and what is the point of the planting?  This series will take snapshots in time to show you what is being planted and what is in bloom at the Nest currently.  There is always one from the former and ideally plenty from the latter as well.   Many thanks to Longfield Gardens (bulbs), Burpee Seed (seed) and the Southern Living Plant collection (potted plants) for providing the planting material for this series.  I typically use a combination of all three; bulbs, seeds and potted plants both indoors and out.  I also use plenty of cuttings and divisions from my existing garden (free plants!).   Join me on the journey.  Let's learn together!


This month I am planting Amaryllis.  They are BIG and beautiful and should be blooming right around Christmastime.  Here is their pot: 

Longfield Gardens sent a surprise collection including the red and white Splash,
 the frilly red Double King and Magnum which is a large, shiny red.  

They are hiding in that pile of moss...can you spot them?

Let's start at the beginning...
Looks at those roots!!  Plant them DOWN into your potting soil.

Secure soil around the base, but you do NOT need to cover Amaryllis completely.

 I cover the soil with a bit of orchid moss to make it look nice and keep moisture in,

...but NOT covering the Amaryllis.  See that little white bit?  That will turn green and turn into a big beautiful leaf very soon!

The two reds went in the back of the pot while the Splash with its red and white went front and center.
I can't wait to see them BLOOM!  

NOTE: Plant these big bulbs in groupings of 3,5 or even 1.  Odd looks right!!

In Progress

Here is what she looks like now:

Note: The hyacinth is coming up already, the seed has turned into 2 inch seedlings and the 
Ginkos have lost their leaves, but still look alive.  I have not pulled them out to look for roots yet. 

I covered the soil with a layer of my orchid moss (also found on clearance at Lowes...things are CHEAP right now in the garden centers!
to keep things a bit more tidy and hold moisture in for the seedlings.


Since we just moved, my indoor plantings have really just started.  The foliage on the trees however -- STUNNING.  Right now, the only blooms are the mums out front and some 20 cent pansies I grabbed at Lowes when they were clearing them out.  Those 20 cents make me unreasonably happy every time I see them in their Charle's Cookies tins with that little "star" dotting the "i".  Sometimes it is the easiest, cheapest joys, isn't it?

PS -- I post on instagram whenever I am out and about and find fantastic deals like those pansies 90% off at Lowes.  Follow along HERE on INSTAGRAM if you are interested in seeing the steals and grabbing some up for yourself!

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