Norfolk Pine ::: The Tropical Christmas Plant

Before we get started...take 2 seconds and guess where this plant comes from...
You got it??  Keep that guess in your head.  No changing...

Have you seen these little pine trees popping up in stores yet?  I have seen them ALL over and have been so very tempted to buy a few.  However, it is early in the "almost Christmas" season and all the plants I have seen are large and thus...expensive.  The solution?  SMALL PLANTS.  (Thanks to Costa Farms for providing the plants photographed for editorial use.) You can find small versions grown by Costa Farms at Home Depot and elsewhere. still have that guess in your head where these cute little pines originated?
If you said a small little island (Norfolk Island) in the Pacific, you would be right.
These plants that look perfect for Christmas are actually tropicals.  Can you believe it?

Want a tiny living Christmas tree indoors?  This is your tree.
Want a tree for a pot at your front door this Christmas?  This is NOT the tree.  It will die.

I potted mine up in a basket and a little metal bucket, topped with some orchid moss.  
I had two cute little buckets, but the boys took one to make a messenger zipline from their treehouse.
No, really.  Zip line.  Metal Bucket.  From the treehouse.  oh my.
Back to the pines though...

I did consider pruning it like THIS, but I think these plants are a little too small for that treatment.
I also considered doing THIS, but ultimately wanted the plants to stay full in the containers.

Pretty aren't they?  Many more growing tips HERE at Costa Farms
but keep them warm, give them a little light and not too much water and you are good to go!
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Nicole said…
LOL--metal bucket + zip line... Oh, kids. Good resourcefulness, but maybe not the best choice for material. ;-)