CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEA ::: Metal Stamped Necklaces

Need a cute little gift topper to go with Jill's Chalkboard Gift Tags??  How about these stamped metal necklaces??


Supplies needed to make your own stamped metal name charms:

(Note: Even after buying all the supplies, two of which you can use over and over and over again -- you are STILL far under the cost of the stamped metal inspiration necklace!!)


Start with your metal charm and line up your letter of choice with the metal punch...


...then BOOM BOOM BOOM with the hammer.


Repeat this step with all the letters in the name, then color in each letter with metallic marker.


Wipe off excess with a rag (it might need to be slightly damp).  
You want the metallic color to stay in the letters to help them pop out from the background.


On this darker charm I liked the silver, but also the bronze.
Play around with colors to see which you prefer!

Hammered Necklace Writing

To finish off the stamped metal necklace, string the charm onto your ball chain and then attach the self-adhesive "cover" to the top.



I love the price of these stamped metal necklaces (around $2-3 each!), the simplicity and the almost dog-chain-feel they have with the ball chains.  You can string mutiple charms on one necklace or wear several for your multiple children, or simply wear a single charm with your own name!


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