Hidden Treasure Kid's Soap ::: Stocking Stuffer Alert!

The same day we made Gingerbread Orange soap, my sister-in-law had a super fun idea for adding 
little toys in glycerin saps for kiddo stocking stuffers.  They were by far the favorite soaps of the day!

We started with little plastic toys like the hearts, stars and balls above...
and ended up with the soaps pictured below!!

Even more fun??  These.
Do you see something poking out of the top of that soap drying down there??

From the bottom...

It's a SHARK!!!

A few tips:  
1.  Use plastic toys only!
2.  Place toys into a greased mold before pouring the melted soap into the pan.
3. Use colored glycerin for see through soaps.  Food coloring works well!
4.  Try layering colors for extra fun!  Just let layers solidify before pouring a new color.

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