DIY Drums for Kids

Today I have a super fast and fun tutorial for you!  
You will need a few simple supplies to make your very own DIY Indian drum.


  • Oatmeal or Grits round container (these are cardboard -- found in the breakfast foods aisle)
  • 2-3 thick rubberbands
  • Old Leather Purse
  • Fabric Scissors and possibly sewing needle/thread or machine


1.  Consider this your opportunity to try grits.  They can be quite yummy.  Use up the entire cardboard container, toss the lid and clean it out.  Let the kids paint or color the container.  Now it is ready for a top.

2. Trace a circle 2 inches larger than the circumference of the carboard tube top from an old leather purse or jacket.  I source leather from the thrift store -- old purses from the 50's-60's are abundant for a dollar or two.  The drum on the left is a whitish leather while the brown is the inside out, suede finish from a brown purse.  You can use other materials, but real leathher makes the best "THUMP THUMP THUMP" for your drum!

3.  Use FABRIC scissors (even if you are not a sewist, fabric scissors are the secret to making sharp cuts for any fabric crafting and they are a small, but valuable investment) to cut out the circle you traced.

4. Pull the leather tightly across the top of the container and secure with a few thick rubberbands.

5.  Get drumming!

For a variation on this project along with a BUNCH more Indian crafts that are easy, fast and simple for kids, we love More Than Moccasins and all the other craft books Laurie Carlson wrote.  They are old (written in 1994), but in my opinion have the best selection of crafts that can be done with VERY basic materials and have wonderful references to actual cultural experiences and habits.  There is one on Colonial kids, Knights and Damsels, the Classics Era and even Green Thumbs, but More Than Mocassins is still our favorite!  We own all of the above however and love them!

This post is *NOT* sponsored -- we just love these books!  
However, if you click those Amazon links, you will be giving a small portion of your purchase to A Nest for All Seasons - thanks!!
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