TOP 10 Educational Websites and Apps for Kids' Tablets

Remember this? That is the Intel 2 in 1 I introduced to you HERE.

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We have had a bit more time to get to know each other and  wanted to share my experiences with you before you take the plunge and buy that tablet your school now requires your 8 year old to bring with them to school (yes, that is the letter that came home from school this week...)

Dell/Intel provided this computer for review. All opinions are my own.

A few pros and cons before I dive into the list of apps you might want to try on YOUR device.

Pros:  The device is cool and has a really slick, fun design.  It is lightweight -- very comparable to the iPad -- but still includes that fabulous keyboard.  The keyboard is hands down my favorite aspect of the device as I HATE typing on a screen.  Problem SOLVED. Compared to the iPad, the Intel 2 in 1 can do more.  More word processing -- more actual computing.  The device could be the perfect solution to working on an airplane or on the train commute home.

Cons:  In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that within 3 days of using the device, there was a virus attached the computer that made Internet use impossible.   Also, I had hoped the device would serve as the kid's computer, but they had a hard time navigating the apps and ended up clicking on ads constantly.

Top 10 GAMES, Apps and Websites for KIDS -

**Apps can be found by searching the name in the App store on your device.  Most are found on both Windows and Apple, but I have noted when they are not.

Ticket to Ride -- This one is first and foremost even though it is by far the most expensive at $10. Available on IPAD, this game is an almost daily play for me. It is akin to the daily newspaper crossword -- a wake up call for the brain. The game is complex enough for adults, but our 8 year old is close to being able to compete as well. You can play against the computer, but the real fun is playing against other people.  Ages 10-13 will LOVE this one.

Top 10 Educational Apps and Websites for Kids

Once you master the basic USA map, there are lots of other maps to try like the 1910 USA map, Asia, Europe -- all fun!!

Spelling City -- This website and corresponding App run on the teacher's lists from school, making it a really fun and easy way to combine what the kids are learning at school with a fun reward of "screen time" at home.  If your school does not use Spelling City, there are still plenty of fun games and activities with random words for your child's grade level.

Don't Tap the White Tiles -- My kid's hands down favorite on the Intel 2 in 1!  This game makes a fun piano-like progression as you tap the black tiles (NOT THE WHITE ONES!).  Very addictive and great for hand-eye coordination.  Just limit time on this one -- your eyes can get really hazy if you play too long!

Top 10 Educational Apps and Websites for Kids

PBS KIDS Video -- Available on iOS and Windows, this PBS app has great cartoon, educational shows that correspond to the shows on TV.  The kids ask for this all the time and have no idea they are learning.  FANTASTIC for plan rides with headphones.

Little Dentist -- I hate this one - they love it!  They perform dental "procedures" that make me cringe, but they laugh hysterically.   I can't handle even looking at this one!  There are a ton of different games like this one including doctor apps as well.  All cringe-inducing, but all fun for the kids.

Top 10 Educational Apps and Websites for Kids

Carcassonne -- This is another one for older kids and adults.  After Ticket to Ride, it is my second favorite and worth every penny.

Top 10 Educational Apps and Websites for Kids

Raz-Kids -- This is another website and app that the our kids' school utilizes, but it also has great activities by grade level and reading level. You can start with a free trial and then purchase if it works for you!  Perfect for emerging readers and I would imagine homeschooling moms might appreciate this one as well!

Endless Alphabet -- A beautiful and educational app for the preschool and younger age group.  This has been our 4 year old's favorite app for a couple years now.  Moms will like it for the sound effects that are funny to the kids, but don't screech in your ears like some other games are prone to do. Available on the Intel 2 in 1 through the Windows app store as well as on Apple products.

Top 10 Educational Apps and Websites for Kids

Where's Waldo -- A fun app for the kids and difficult enough for mom and dad when bored as well!  Plays JUST like the books!  FREE on Windows App store, but I could only find it for sale on the iPad for $2.99.

Paper 53 -- A good app for kids that love art!  This one is a favorite of mine and I liked it so much I purchased a couple additional tools, but you can try it for free with the basic brushes.

Did I miss a great one?  Do you have a favorite app?  game?  educational website??

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