Rose Hip Tea

I have made roseBUD tea before (I just buy the buds bulk off amazon here), but have never tried rose HIP tea.  Have you?

Rose hips are the actual fruit of the rosebush and form after the roses have bloomed and fallen.  You must leave the roses on to wither away naturally or no rosehips for you!  The best rosehips come from the sometimes scraggly and pedestrian roses like the rugosa bushes I grow out back.  The more ornamental tea roses and hybrids often don't come with large hips.  [ironic, I know]

Rosehips are full to the brim with vitamin C, but also with scratchy little hairs that can irritate your throat.  To use them in tea, remove those hairs and the seeds from inside the hips, then you can grind them or simply boil the hips for delicious, vitamin packed tea.  Want to skip the scraping part?  THIS ARTICLE says you don't have to if you are making rosehip JAM.  Now doesn't that sound delightful?