Halloween Vinyl Projects and an Old School Trick or Treat

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branch title page Halloween is coming around the corner next month and I love to add a little bit of easy "halloweeny" flair to my home without getting too "creepy".  The solution?  A hefty dose of gold and creamy white without any blood and guts and such.  Won't you join me for three easy gold vinyl projects today?  Let's get crafting!


PROJECT #1 -- Gold Vinyl Candles

The first project I wanted to create was a simple update to basic creamy white candles.  They already have a "harvest/fall" color to them, so the addition of gold vinyl decals made them perfectly Halloweeny!   I used THIS Silhouette cut file (99 cents) for the three designs as well as THESE darling pumpkins (also 99 cents).  You will see them pop up over and over again in this vignette!

silhoeutte designs
Once you have your silhouette cut out the designs, it is simply a matter of PEEL and STICK.
trick or treat poem amy renea peeling vinyl

PROJECT #2 - Gold and Black  Halloween Banner

The second project is a play off a previous project you have seen here at Crafts Unleashed (Remember this canvas banner??)  I simply colored in one side of the banner with a giant sharpie marker and added a few more of my gold vinyl "stickers".  (Get the banner cut files HERE).

halloween banner amy renea
My favorite part of this project?
 The black and white striped side reflects off the back of the mirror for added interest -- fun, eh?
halloween banner gold vinyl

PROJECT #3 - Jack-O-Lantern Metal Tray

Hands down, the easiest project of the bunch was this little "Jack-O-Lantern" Tray.  I simply got a beat up old metal tray for pennies at the thrift store, gave it a coat of creamy white spray paint and added a gold vinyl "face".  Don't own a silhouette machine?  No problem!!  You could ABSOLUTELY cut out fun Jack-O-Lantern faces out of vinyl with basic scissors.  Wouldn't a whole display of trays with unique faces be fun??

two halloween projects

The cherry on top of the projects?
Light 'em up baby!
halloween sidebar at night
I added three strands of Halloween (orange!) twinkle lights, hiding the lightbulbs as much as possible so the effect was more of a "glow" that individual light bursts.  The first strand hides behind the candles and back of the dresser, while two other strands are stuffed into drawers cracked open for a bit of a creepy "something is going to pop out of the drawer" look.


I got a little carried away when searching for fun Halloween cut files and stumbled upon an old Halloween poem (the precursor to the more pedestrian "trick-or-treat").  I took a portion of the poem, cut it on my Silhouette Cameo and hand placed the letters on my office chalkboard.  Why didn't I use transfer paper??  I wanted the look to be a little "off", almost like a ransom letter cut from newspaper letters.  You see -- it is a bit of a "threat":

Better be Ready
Better Beware
Better not find your Larder Bare;
Of Candy Apples and Hickory Nuts
& Gingerbread in Generous Cuts

In other words....TRICK OR TREAT!!

Happy Halloween y'all!  Get crafting!

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