Grommets VS Eyelets and Stuff You Want to Hide

Have you ever wondered what the difference was?  You are not alone!

It is a hard distinction to make, but very basically, eyelets are smaller and used for more delicate work while grommets are larger and used on heavier duty material. The tools/sizes are different, so make sure to get the corresponding tools/hardware.  In many ways though, grommets and eyelets are used interchangeably amidst crafter lingo.

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The tools pictured here are:

Moving onto our little punch tool.  It is very simple and an older child could work with it quite successfully.  The little kit costs just a few dollars and the tips can be screwed onto the little metal handle for different types of jobs.  Simply match up the eyelet with the correct size top and screw it on!

Here is my fabric....for what you ask?

Bookshelf Covers!

You know how your bookshelves look all pretty, but sometimes the books you really like don't really look all that great?  Those dog eared paperbacks that you read once every 2-3 years since you were a teenager and have many fond memories of?  They don't really "go" and you want them there, but don't want to look at the everyday.  This is the solution.    Grab up some fabric you have sitting around the house or pick up a remnant from a fabric store (Mine came from WalMart for a little over $1 and made 4 shelf covers)  

Step 1:  

Cut rectangles 1 inch larger than the shelf you want to cover.

Step 2: 

Hem 1/2" all around the exterior of the rectangle.

Step 3: 

Snip corners diagonally to avoid bunching.  (See below)

Step 4: 

Attach eyelets with your punching tool and hammer at 4-6" intervals along the top hem of your rectangle. Note: You want a "punching surface" underneath your fabric because the metal WILL leave a mark.  DO NOT DO THIS ON YOUR DINING ROOM TABLE!  I use a $1 as-is cabinet door from IKEA as my "punching table".

Step 5:

 Put a nail through the eyelet and hammer directly into your shelf.
Crap Hidden.  Success.

One more note:  You are hammering nails into wood on this project.  It will forever change the face of your bookshelf.  
If you are very VERY attached to your bookshelf, don't do it.  

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