Fall Felt Leaf Garland in Orange

Today's craft is a 15 minute, "my hands need to move while I watch Outlander" craft.  
Let's celebrate autumn with a little upcycled garland, shall we?

Supplies Needed:

Wool Sweater to Upcycle
Secondary Flannel Fabric
Sewing Machine, Thread
optional: leaf stencil

The Method:

Step 1: Wash the sweater in HOT water.  Dry.
Step 2:  Cut off all cuffs, collars, etc from sweater.
Step 3: With good fabric scissors, cut leaf shapes from flat sections.

Step 4: Cut the buttonhole side of a button-up flannel shirt off.  This is your garland base.
Step 5: Sew leaves to the base, tucking every other leaf under the former for more variation.

Hang the garland where you wish, celebrate the coming of autumn and enjoy the last few minutes of Outlander.  They are always the best.

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