The Way Birds Fly

Have you ever watched a bird take flight off a ledge?  I mean really watched them.  The motion starts deep in their legs, hidden under folds of feathers and a great push from muscles unseen catapults them UP and out into the sky.

Have you ever wondered why God gave us birds?  What was his point, aside from the great benefit of little beaks cleaning up our trash hither and thon?  At the risk of sounding cheesy, I am going to guess that one of the reasons we were given birds was to teach us how to think.  How to think freely, to soar, so to speak.

You see, the flight of a bird reminds me of good writing, and a fantastic train of thought.  It starts with a great push -- an idea.  Our brain, that unseen, but powerful organ has to push off strong and then the thoughts begin to march forward, like wings pushing up, up, up, up until we SOAR with a thought that we had never had before.  Our thoughts drift around in the wind for a bit, then start to sink back down to Earth and the freest of us resist and push our wings once again into the sky.

That is the way I love to think when I am riding in the car, or taking a shower or simply staring out a window.  That type of thinking doesn't happen at a desk or in front of a screen too often.  It is the type of thinking that fills a void in our souls and the type that is the freedom of all as long as we take it.  In fact, I think good thinking is one of those freedoms we give up in exchange for the ones we have to pay for.

So today, if I give you one thing, it is the encouragement to watch a bird for 2 minutes and think for 20.

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