Square and Bugle Bracelet

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A while back, I shared how to make a simple leather and bar bracelet (see photo of three bracelets below
and today I am going to show you how to make the steam-punkish square and bar bracelet on the left.


For this style of bracelet, you need cubes and bugles.  The rest of the design is up to you!  The cubes are in a doublerow and secured with a straight bugle bead.  Here are some various options that you might want to use:

Square or Cube Beads
Options might include:
Earthtone (The cubes pictured are similar to the ones in this collection)
Silver Japanese Glass 
Black Opaque

Bugle Beads
A cool collection of bronze beads LIKE THIS has a lot of great options for toppers on the cubes.
Bugle beads like THESE gold beads or THESE bronze beads look great on top of cubes!

Jewelry Thread or Fishing Line
Elastic Jewelry Thread (optional if not using a bracelet base)

Bracelet Base (I found mine at Consumer Crafts, but they are out of stock.  Check Michaels!)


Start with a bracelet base if you are a beginner, or use a stretchy, elastic thread for a full bracelet of cubes and bugles.  Line up your cubes, 2 to a row and thread a bugle bead across the top to secure them.

Holding the bracelet tight and upright keep beads from slipping while you are threading. 
 Tie a knot after each row to secure.

You want to make sure that you thread UP through one side (Say the left) and down the other each time.  
Otherwise, your cubes and shift and move around too much.

Tie a few finishing knots and you are finished!

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