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12 August 2014

Quick Fade Bandana Lanterns

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Guess what?  The beach is getty chilly and our school lists just came in the mail.  Fall is just around the corner!!  Though Spring holds a sacred spot in my heart, I think Fall might still be my favorite.  Today we celebrate the coming of fall with a fun little craft project I shared previously over at Crafts Unleashed.  If you missed it there, then join me today as I show you how to take garish, ugly ornage bandanas and make cute little fall lanterns for the garden!


Glass and Metal Lanterns - $3.97 each (make a whole set of them!!)
Orange Bandanas (one bandana will make at least 4 lanterns)
Champagne Spray Paint (I used Rustoleum, link is for Krylon's version)
LED Tea Lights (cheap ones work just fine!)
Hot Glue
Fabric Scissors


You might want to start by bleaching your bandanas (full technique HERE).  You can use whatever fabric you choose, but I like the bandanas because they already have a presewn seam, making this a no-sew project.  You could use the bandanas as-is, but bleaching them gives them a more subtle color and allows the light to flicker through.  That said, the basic orange bandanas and black lanterns COULD make for fun Halloween decor!  Your choice!

Black Lantern with Bleached Orange Bandana
Step 1:  Remove the glass piece from the lantern -- be careful!  The bottom edge is a little rough!
Step 2:  Spray paint your lanterns, if desired, in an outdoor location.
Step 3:   Cut a small piece of bandana, including a corner piece with two sewn seams, that wraps around the circumference of the lantern, plus a little overhang.
Step 4:   Add a drop of hot glue to the top of the glass piece and place the corner with two sewn seams there.  Allow glue to dry fully.

Step 5:  Once the glue is dry, pull the bandana straight down to make a perfect vertical line with the seam and glue.

Step 6:  Pull the fabric around the glass, folding over the extra fabric to make a "hem" that meets the sewn edge exactly.

Step 7: Tuck the little bit of extra fabric on the bottom into the interior of the lantern and secure with hot glue. 
 (PS You can skip this step and make an exact edge, but folding it over gives a little cushioning to that raw glass edge).

Step 8:  The top fabric will be loose.  Cinch with  little baker's twine.

Step 9:  When the spray painted lanterns are dry, simply reinsert the glass piece into the metal frame, dd an led tealight and display!

Have leftover bandanas?  Make a runner!  (Full tutorial HERE!)

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