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When taking on sponsored posts, I really have to consider the "sell" to my kids if it involves them.  I don't often do sponsored posts that have to do with the children, but sometimes, there is a product that is simply a match.  When LEGOS introduces a new "Junior" product, the sell is an easy one.  I just opened the box and well...

Here is the situation in our house.  There are three boys 8-6-4.  They all like LEGOS, but they have the LEGO skills appropriate for their age.  What that means is that sometimes our 4-year old gets a little left behind.  I hate that, because LEGOS are one of the best toys we have at our disposal.  The boys love them for the adventure, the creative fun, that satisfying awesome CLICK when pieces connect and I love them for the creativity they foster and the QUIET, calm concentration they require.  A win-win that sometimes excludes our little one.  Enter LEGOS Junior.

They are just little enough that they almost seem like "real" LEGOS, but are easier for chubbier, smaller hands.  They don't make him feel like he is playing with "baby" blocks.  Rather, he is confident because HE can build the set alone from the instructions in HIS tub of LEGOS.

LEGO® JUNIORS is designed to give children age 4-7 a great first experience with LEGO bricks through iconic, fun and easy to build models. LEGO JUNIORS sets contain quick start elements and numbered pre-packed bags that can be built without help from Mom or Dad – which makes any small builder extra proud.

Which brings us to another under-represented group in the history of building toys.


When I opened the box to find a giant PINK tub smiling back at me, it was as if the sun shone just a bit brighter...TA DAAAAAAA!

Some small feminist part of me wanted to cheer...

 From the boys and their pirates to the girls in their tutus, LEGOS for ALL!

If you would like to pick up a pack or two for your little junior, you might check out some of my favorites:

The Girl's Suitcase  $25

The Knight's Castle Building set (pictured above) $50

The Princess Castle!  $15

The Construction Set $20

...for LEGO aficionados, here is a fun NPR piece on why LEGOS are so expensive (not sponsored) - The Planet Money Podcast

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