Your Couch Can Save you Hundreds of Dollars

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Have you ever been area rug shopping?  They are EXPENSIVE.  Hundreds of dollars expensive.  Wayfair has sponsored this post so that I can show you how to keep the price down.  You will still shell out a little cash for floor covering, but I will save you hundreds.  How?  A couch.

Yes, that is right.  I said YOUR COUCH.  Here is the thing -- huge rugs cost an EXORBITANT amount of money, but several smaller rugs that make up the same area will not cost nearly as much.  If you don't have thousands to spend on a huge area rug, this might just be the solution you need.

Here is my space:

How to Save Money on Cheap Wool Rugs

Note the couch and a different rug on either side.  It is stupid simple really.  The expanse of wood flooring behind the couch was way, way too big, but I didn't have the $$$ to drop on a 12x12 rug to fill the space.  The solution?  A $20 cheapo rug that complemented the nice wool rug I already had in color and style.  YOUR COUCH will draw a visual line and split the two, allowing you to use two less expensive rugs in place of a giant, cost-prohibitive one.  Would a 12x12 be better?  Hands down YES.  Is it an option right now?  Hands down NO.

How to Save Money on Cheap Wool Rugs

Put your BIG, nice wool rug in front of the couch where people will be walking on it and tuck the little eye-stretching rug out from the back of the couch.  People will not walk on this one much, so it doesn't matter that the quality is cheapy cheap.

Want to get the same look?  Here are a few options for you!  Why not try coordinated rugs that "match" but not really like this oatmeal rug:

...and this pretty taupe one?

In my case, I have a nice wool rug, but needed to extend its "area" a bit.  If I were buying a new wool rug, I might splurge on this beauty:

Note I left the price off the photo -- it costs a pretty penny!

...but how great would it look couch paired with a solid grey?

 ...or go BOLD with a coordinating floral in brilliant red?

Here are a few more favorites found in the "I can afford it!" rug section at Wayfair:

Find more here -- Rugs Under $250

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