What do you guys DO all day?

...and we need to do more of it.  It somehow feels like there is never (NEVER) enough playtime in the day.  Well, let me rephrase that.  There is plenty of playtime, but Mommy involved playtime isn't what it should be.  I don't know why my stores of patience are so limited -- I feel like a turnip being squeezed for blood -- but that is the way it is.  I pray for more stores of patience, more desire to play kick the can or baby hunter a million times and over again, but I usually only last a few rounds.  Leave me in the mix and my little itty bit of nerves starts to fray and I might snap at them.  So I back out.  I go do something else, like pull weeds or watch the chickens or carry some trash out to the road and wait for the little meter of patience I have to fill up again.

 It is like watching the power bar on your phone charging.  If you stick it on the charger at night, by morning it is full charged, but watch the thing charge?  It takes FOREVER!

So if someone has a super fast charging mommy station that speeds up the patience refill, would you let me know?  ...and please don't say coffee.  It works for energy -- not patience.  Help!