PUNCH -- They call it Floating Island

I've been reading through vintage 1950's cookbooks and the recipes are so old school that they are half charming and half ridiculous.  One that caught my attention was a punch called "Floating Islands".  The "islands" are maraschino cherries and the punch delivers that throwback sherbet and ginger ale flavor you remember from weddings in the 80's.

The kids smacked it up in all it's deliciousness.
The adults opted out for Izzies.

Floating Island Punch Recipe:

Make a slurry of:

1 can frozen orange juice concentrate
1 can of pineapple, lemon or lime concentrate
1 8 oz can of maraschino cherries and juice

Immediately before serving add:
2 cups of orange sherbet
3/4 liter of ginger ale

Mix and slurp!

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jess said…
Oh brother! 80's weddings! no kidding. I think this is the ONLY drink we drank at any special occasion in the 80s. ha!
Julia Konya said…
That sounds yummy!
Cassie and I were just talking about you at Haven when we mentioned your name to Southern Living Plant Collection!
Amy Renea said…
I totally missed you girls too!! NEXT YEAR! ...and THANKS for mentioning me...cross my fingers :)