DIY Tablecloth Weights

You have probably all had a picnic or two by now this summer and I can almost guarantee one thing has bothered you.  
Aside from the bugs, WIND seems to always be the enemy when picnicking outdoors, don't you agree?

While I can't keep the bugs out of your hair or the wind from whipping it around, I CAN give you a little tip on keeping 
those tablecloths ON the table instead of up in the air.  It requires four simple materials that you might already have on hand.

1. Stones or Rocks similar to these brown river rocks
2. Hemp, Twine or Strong String
3. Clothespins
4. Hot Glue 

Assembly is simple:

STEP 1 - How glue a length of twine to the back of a flat rock
STEP 2 - Tie a knot creating a 2-3 inch loop (where my hand is)
STEP 3 - Take several of these loops and attach a clothespin to the top
STEP 4 - Attach the DIY weights to your tablecloth

For a prettier fold, pull the long corner of the tablecloth over the flat part (as seen in step 4 above), 
but clip your weights under the fold, essentially hiding them completely.


Need to weight down a runner?  
Clip the clothespin to the ends and let the weights drape down over the table edge.

Now that that little problem is solved, let's get the grill fired up and get picnicing!
This little summer "cold snap" won't last much longer -- I want to enjoy it OUTSIDE!
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