5 minute photoshoot -- Preschool

Time for another 5 minute photoshoot!  
This time we have a sweet as honey and silly as a goose preschooler.

The photo above was the "money shot" that I was going for.  He makes that smile when he has said something clever, is proud of something he has made or has a joke that he is about to play on someone.  I want to remember that -- not some posed smile.  So here is how we got it...

MINUTE 1 --Take photo of something similar colored on the porch floor background and adjust settings without mentioning a photoshoot to our kiddo.  With an older child, you can do this with the child, but a preschooler will not have the attention span for it.  Caucasian skin and a cardboard box will get pretty close as a stand-in for color.

MINUTE 2 -- "Hey baby!  Be silly!"  This is the time for closeups.  When a preschooler is first told to be silly -- they do ridiculous faces.  You want the "afterglow" of silly, so use this minute to capture those chubby hands between baby and kid years, cute little toes, ears, that crazy hair -- whatever.

MINUTE 3 -- "How old are you?"  After a minute of silly, kiddo is loosened up and an easy, but serious question will make him answer with a smile and look me straight in the eye.  You get one shot at this photo.  Your child will answer with a smile and then FLASH, it is gone.  Be ready for this one.

MINUTE 4  -- Time to get your kiddo to tell that joke...

Keep shooting during the joke because the photo you really want is the "proud face":

MINUTE 5 -- You might get a few more smiles and profiles, but you will have to change locations 
and your moments of attention are probably gone.  That is why Minute #1 is so important!

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