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27 June 2014

Weeknight Meals in a Minute ::: Mustard Chicken

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This post is sponsored by French's yellow mustard.  Taste Summer. 

Last summer, I showed you how I grow mustard greens and save the seeds.  Remember?

Well, when French's said they would like to send me some of THEIR mustard seed, I was all over that.
Grow honest-to-goodness French's mustard in my garden?  Yes please!

They also sent along a crate of mustard (of course!) and some recipes.  I got caught up looking at all the goodies and realized I had 27 minutes until dinner was supposed to be served.  CRAP.  I grabbed the easiest looking recipe and went for it.  Start with basic chicken breast, give them a good hearty squeeze of mustard...

Sprinkle on your favorite dry spice blend, BBQ spices work best...

...and you are 1 minute in with your dinner prep.

Here is how I spent the next 5 minutes.

Minute 2: Pop the chicken in the oven at 350 degrees post haste!

Minute 3: Start water and rice on high/stovetop.

Minute 4: Grab frozen rolls and pop them on a cookie sheet.   Dump frozen peas, a chunk of butter and some seasonings in a pie plate.

Minute 5:  Stir the boiling rice, turn down to simmer, cover and...

Spend the next 20 minutes emptying the dishwasher, wrapping up homework, etc and then put it all together for...

See how the mustard forms a crust?  It kept the chicken moist and packs a serious mustard punch.
We added some spicy pineapple salsa to the mix as well and it was quite delicious for a 6 minute prep meal.
Make sure to serve some blander food like the rice and rolls because it IS spicy and flavorful!

Sometimes I am ridiculous and like to match my meal to the flowers on the table.

Goldenrod is free and weedy and a great match for a mustard-centric meal.

 Next on the recipe list are these...

...or maybe these...

There are a host of other ideas on the Naturally Amazing French's pinboard as well.

I am honestly willing to try just about anything mustard thanks to the 0 calories.   #NaturallyAmazing


Call me anytime French's.  Call me anytime.

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